A blue and yellow Bournemouth Beach wedding!

A blue and yellow Bournemouth Beach wedding!

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Alex and Lisa met through mutual friends whilst they were both at the University of Southampton, fell in love, and this brought them to the day of their Bournemouth Beach wedding!. Then years later one Boxing Day, Alex took her back to the uni campus to propose... obviously she didn't know that was his plan and he did a great job of confusing her by insisting she bring a torch even though it was the middle of the day! After a stroll around the campus reminiscing about our lives together Alex got down on one knee and proposed. Naturally she said yes, although she says she was still thoroughly confused about why she was walking around with a torch!

They had a fairly relaxed Bournemouth beach wedding. They were so excited to be able to actually get married on Bournemouth beach (the only place you can in England and Wales!), which was one of the appeals of the venue... alongside the gorgeous view of course. They made great use of all their friends and family talents to help create their perfect day. They helped them make decorations and one of Lisa's school friends put together a version of "Everything I do" for Lisa to walk down the aisle to. It was one of her favourite songs from one of her favourite films so it was really special.

Alex and Lisa wanted to make the most of the view from the venue so they decided to keep their decorations fairly simple. They also wanted to avoid having too many flowers because Lisa feels it is sad when they all die so they decided to go for the seaside favourite of pinwheels instead. They are both also keen readers (Lisa especially) so Lisa was really keen to name our tables after fictional lands from our favourite books. So Lisa had the idea of combining my love of books with the pinwheels and created one for each table using the first page of the book. The rest of the table was decorated with starfish and glass pebbles to reflect the setting. Lisa's dad also made them a signpost with the names of some of our tables which ended up being one of their favourite things... now they say they just need to find somewhere to display it. They were also keen to have a stand like the ones you can find on piers to put your faces through so they called on the artistic talents of their friend James who painted (with a broken hand no less) a scene of a mermaid and deep sea diver that proved to be quite the hit with their guests!

There are so many wonderful memories to choose from (although admittedly I have slightly more memories than Alex as he enjoyed the bar a little bit too much!) One of our favourite things was seeing the dancefloor packed all night. It was amazing to see everyone we love mix so well and have fun together. I think Alex is also really proud that the Bournemouth beach wedding bar staff said they had never sold so much alcohol at a wedding before and they sold out of tequila twice!

I received a few kind words from Lisa and Alex: "You are genuinely amazing! We are pretty sure that every single person at our wedding fell in love with you. You are like a photography ninja popping up anywhere and everywhere. We are so delighted with all the photos, looking through them really was like reliving the day! You have captured so many wonderful memories so beautifully and we cannot thank you enough." They also loved their DJ. All they really wanted in the evening was for everyone to be up all night dancing and he certainly delivered. The dancefloor was packed all night and Lisa says everyone raved about him the next day. Lisa's number one tip to couples is to always try to remember that the most important bit is that you are getting married. Realistically no one else will notice if something goes slightly wrong because they didn't know what you had planned anyway!

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