Chua & The Bell: A review of the Sony A9

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Chua & The Bell: A review of the Sony A9

Kari has recently switched from Nikon to Sony, so she did a quick review of her first thoughts with the Sony A9!

Chua & The Bell: A comparison of the Fuji XT-2 vs. the Xpro-2, what are the differences?!

For this video I did a practical based comparison of the Fuji XT-2 and the Xpro-2. I didn’t aim to spell out all the spec differences, it’s purely a video on what factored into my shopping decision, so when you watch it bear in mind that I’m not prescribing which camera is better as it […]

Chua & The Bell: A new video channel for wedding photographers!

I finally decided to update my website to reflect the increasing amount of teaching work I was doing, so if you’re reading this you should be seeing a series of sub-headings aimed at photographers who want to learn a variety of mad business skillz. When I first started out I wrote a few gear reviews, […]

An honest account of switching from Nikon to Fuji xpro2 mirrorless for wedding photography!

Argh, yes I’m doing it! I’m switching from Camp Nikon to Team Fuji (or La Fooj as I like to call it). If you’re considering the switch too you’ve probably already read a kazillion reviews out there with all the technical reasons why you might want to switch. OMG the flippy flappy is so quiet! […]

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