Harinezumi camera: A quick intro to digital lo-fi fun!

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Harinezumi camera: A quick intro to digital lo-fi fun!

Absolutely yonks ago, before I got into professional photography, I spent muchos hours and pennies shooting toy cameras, even covering Bestival for Lomography UK and writing monthly articles for their Cityslicker program. After I took up digital cameras for professional work I found it very hard to find my way back to film toy cameras, […]

A comparison to the mini-speedlights for Fuji: Godox TT350 and Nissin i40

Shooting flash with Fuji has always been a sticking point for those looking to make the switch. There’s only one speedlight option from Fuji themselves, the EF-X500, and it’s quite a physically heavy unit. Coming late into the market with a price tag of £450 and no radio wireless technology (the master/slave works on optical […]

blue camera rucksack

A professional Fuji photographer’s review of the Vanguard Havana 41 camera rucksack

Ever since I jumped to using the Godox flash system and thus gained about 9 x 20cm worth of trigger/receiver space, my Venque CamPro bag has felt rather empty and spacious. Whilst snack space is always welcome, I felt like I was lugging around a lot of extra material for no real gain- the outside […]

Chua & The Bell: An Update!

In a bid to make sure I stay on top of my non-couple led blogging, a promise I make to myself EVERY.SINGLE.YEAR, I have come to the realisation that although there’s a lot of expectation to keep fresh content going, it’s also I guess kind of content to update people with what’s going on in […]

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