Danny and Rachael’s crochet and wheatastic DIY wedding at Swallows Oast!

Danny and Rachael’s crochet and wheatastic DIY wedding at Swallows Oast!

Danny and Rach are a really sweet couple who held their DIY wedding at the lovely rustic Swallows Oast wedding venue! Rach crocheted and made all the table decor and her family helped with the flowers, bouquets, button holes and wheaty name cards. In the morning they got ready at the really cool Bell Inn in Ticehurst- a pub with very quirky decor. They travelled to the Swallows Oast in their friend's mint green VW campervan decked out with custom Danny and Rachael number plates! After the sweet ceremony the guests played lots of garden games and went for walks across Swallows trail. The speeches were touching and hilarious, and they really lucked out with a strong sunset! As it was such a beautiful warm evening they did the very unEnglish thing of an outdoor first dance and partying outside!

swallows oast wedding-1

swallows oast wedding-2

swallows oast wedding-3

swallows oast wedding-4

swallows oast wedding-5

swallows oast wedding-6

swallows oast wedding-7

 swallows oast wedding-8

swallows oast wedding-10

swallows oast wedding-11

swallows oast wedding-12

swallows oast wedding-13

swallows oast wedding-14

swallows oast wedding-15

swallows oast wedding-17

swallows oast wedding-16

swallows oast wedding-19

swallows oast wedding-18

swallows oast wedding-20

swallows oast wedding-21

swallows oast wedding-22

swallows oast wedding-23

 swallows oast wedding-25

swallows oast wedding-27

swallows oast wedding-28

swallows oast wedding-29

swallows oast wedding-32

swallows oast wedding-31

swallows oast wedding-33

swallows oast wedding-36

swallows oast wedding-35

swallows oast wedding-37

swallows oast wedding-38

swallows oast wedding-39

swallows oast wedding-1-2

swallows oast wedding-40


  • Gill Roberts
    Posted September 26, 2015 at 10:20 am | Permalink

    What wonderful photos! We are trying to order the USB of all the photos for £40, but it is proving difficult. Do we have to drag each picture over individually? It’s probably me, but I can’t seem to simply order the USB.


    • Marianne
      Posted September 27, 2015 at 9:41 am | Permalink

      Hey I’ll email you Gill!

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