Alternative wedding inspiration: 5 Awesomely Quirky Wedding Venues in London!

As a wedding photographer, I'm not ashamed to say that I love shooting in interesting and different venues! Sometimes it's hard to find something a different off the beaten path, so for your convenience here's my current top 5 recommendations if you want to get married in true alt style whilst still being able to use your Oyster card!

1. A wedding in an Asylum

asylum alternative wedding venues
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Despite it's name, there's no need to be creeped out, this building was actually an old folk's home, rather than the abandoned mental institution some believe. It's fully licensed with a chapel so you can have both your ceremony and reception here. It has incredible charm of something ancient, but whilst retaining an elegant beautiful feel where a traditional up market vibe would not be too out of place. Starting price: £500 Location: Peckham How can I get married here? 

2. A retro cinema wedding

london retro cinema wedding   I love films and the cinema to the extent that I name my cameras after film directors, so naturally a retro cinema is very high on my list of loves. Furthermore this cinema is bonafide vintage, as it celebrated its 100th birthday 2 years ago! The only limiting factor is that they only do private hire on weekdays, so that's worth factoring into your consideration. Starting price: Enquire directly Location: Notting Hill How can I get married here?

3. A Canal Museum wedding

london barge wedding I'm very pleased to be able to say I have shot a wedding in this venue before, so I can actually use my own photos of it! This venue is licensed for wedding ceremonies so you can host your whole day in the museum and let your guests nibble canapes amongst the displays and giant boat! The best part is that you can hire a canal barge to arrive to the venue in true waterbaby style, and there's plenty to keep the kids entertained in an educational way (double whammy!) Starting price: £200 (weekday ceremony) Location: Kings Cross How can I get married here?

4. A marshy wedding at the London Wetlands Centre

london wetlands centre This venue was recently featured in the Daily Mail because some rather posh rich people got married here and apparently that was newsworthy (sorry I'll try and keep my feelings for certain newspapers dialled down!), but aside all that silliness, the little thatched fisherman's hut in the London Wetlands Centre is a really lovely and rustic place in the middle of the big smoke. It's quite difficult to come by some true patch o'green without having to venture out past the M25, and this venue is so reasonably priced as well. One thing to note is that it can only hold 42 people seated, and 60 standing, so it might be too small for all. Starting price: £500 Location: Barnes How can I get married here?

 5. A rather eerie wedding in a magic house!

House of Magic Enchanted Gardenalternative quirky london wedding venue macabre gothic wedding london photography Last but definitely by no means least is Simon Drake's House of Magic. This is a wedding venue for the braver tastes, I must admit if you hired me to be your wedding photographer for this venue, I might scream and flap around a bit when a cobweb brushes me *shivers*. I've given it special mention with several photos, but I don't think any photo I include could do it justice, I think you just need to visit the website and take the virtual tour. What I will say is it includes an enchanted garden and a haunted cellar. Eeeek!! The only limitation is they aren't licensed for wedding ceremonies, so this would be a reception hire kind of situation only. Prices: Enquire directly Location: Secret! How can I get married here?   SO, I hope that's given all you alternative couples out there some interesting new ideas for where you can get married in London. If you book any of the venues featured in this article and want to hire me as your wedding photographer, cite this article in your email for a special photography discount! Do you have a friend who'd love to get married in one of these venues?  


  • Charlotte says:

    Some really fun venues! I’ve shot at the Wetlands Centre… gorgeous light and some interesting vantage points, from a photog’s perspective.

  • Genie says:

    Wow..never thought of organising a wedding in an asylum. However the one i recently organised was in a spice warehouse now an indian restaurant Cinnamon kitchen. Perhaps a quirky enough to be in your list :)

  • Fran says:

    Amazing post! Barge to the wedding? A water-lover’s perfection! Who’d have thought there’d be such quirky venues in London? I found a few more on this blog post. From a yacht to a vinyl factory. Just makes making ANY decision impossible!

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