5 unexpected challenges your wedding photographer faces!

Here’s my run down of 5 things I never thought I’d be battling as a wedding photographer!

1. If the bride is wearing any other shade that isn’t white (espc. champers/ivory etc.)

White balancing in post processing suddenly becomes 18% more of a buggerroo. Editing a wedding ends up more like “errrm…wait why does the dress start in Oyster during prep, change to Bone in the ceremony and Cream in the evening?!” *Goes back to the start* This also applies for when the groom wear a non-white shirt. Especially blue shirts…


2. For couples: Let’s be realistic, on your wedding day, there’s a chance we may not seen you for about a year.

Unless we FB stalk you, we might not remember what you look like. Sometimes, we only have consultations with one of you. All of this culminates in that moment of walking into a room and desperately scanning each of the bridal party faces in the hope that you will magically recognise the bride/groom. The dream scenario is that someone else in the room yells at that exact moment “OI! [INSERT NAME] THE GROOM”, and the man, who sod’s law says is kneeling behind a table or something, stands up and says “IT IS I, THE GROOM!” and everything becomes right in the world.


3. For the lady wedding photographers only

Holla if you feel me when I say… foundation on the LCD!!!



4. The post wedding dinner pre first dance food coma.

We can’t work well if we’re starving but a generous 3 course is often too much and there’s a high risk of being sent into a food coma. Sometimes I’ll on purposely not eat everything, but if you’re going to put a warm brownie in front of me I don’t stand much chance!! *Please note, this is not a genuine complaint about being fed, I always appreciate it!*

Here’s some real stuff I’ve been cruelly forced to eat recently taken on my mobile… *food porn alert*

IMG_20140420_185416 IMG_20140420_192848 IMG_20140422_172947 IMG_20140422_180051 IMG_20140308_185354 IMG_20140308_175647

5. Your genetics vs. the optimal angle.

When we take a photo, we factor in both the subject and the background, which means depending on a kazillion factors there will usually be an idealish angle we want for a shot. If you’re born super tall, prepare to have creaky knees, and if you’re born super short, get ready for strange looks when you accost various objects/human beings in a bid to get the shot!!


So if you want to become a wedding photographer, get ready to deal with all of these Herculean obstacles on a weekendly basis!

If anyone has any other suggestions feel free to add them in the comments below!