A fun vintage bargetastic Sudanese wedding at the London Canal Museum in Kings Cross!

Bud and Emily were just the coolest kids ever, they oh-so-casually found me about a week before their wedding. That’s right people, a week before their wedding, and they were still in relaxed mode when we had our consultation 3 days before the wedding at the Renaissance Hotel in Kings Cross. They were living proof that being stressed about your wedding can be a choice, not a necessity! Emily wore a cute vintage dress that she had retailored from a seamstress she found on etsy. She paired it with with a delicate baby pink Cos cardigan and grey peeptoe shoes to match her painted grey toe and finger nails. Her hair was put into a big round bun, and decorated with sweet white and purple flowers. Since I shot this wedding, lots of brides have told me that they were chuffed to see another bride wearing glasses. Whether or not to wear glasses seems to be quite a big decision in people’s wedding plans, Emily said that she wore them all the time so she didn’t see why her wedding day should be any different! Amen to that I say! Bud wore a light blue suit with a cool green dotted pocket square, black and white spatz and a buttonhole to match Emily. He was definitely one of the best dressed grooms I photographed in 2013! They got married at the Islington Town Hall and then the whole wedding party took a short walk down to the canal, where we took a barge to their reception venue- The London Canal Museum in Kings Cross.

The London Canal Museum is a really popular place to have a wedding in North London as they are reasonably priced, have lovely quirky surroundings and allow you to serve your own food. This was important for Emily, as Budr’s mum wanted to supply Sudanese food for the guests. At the Museum, everyone had canapes and cocktails in the main museum section next to all the boats and exhibits. Following that, they went upstairs to have the Sudanese dinner. Once the wedding dinner was noshed, they cleared some space and Emily and Bud got changed into traditional Sudanese dress, including a gold headpiece for Emily. They danced into the room in a traditional Sudanese procession complete with the Sudanese drummers who also did some short performances for the guests.

It was a lovely intimate wedding with personal touches that was featured on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings, proving that a low key wedding can still look wonderful!

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