A sneak preview of vintage Scottish wedding in Cricklade, Swindon!

gold jimmy choo wedding shoes Stu and Ruth got married in Ruth's hometown in an intimate, rustic wedding with a Scottish twist. Ruth wore a bargain vintage dress, and treated herself to these stunning gold Jimmy Choo shoes! The church was candlelit and Ruth's mum married the pair. They had sparklers and pie that was served by chef's-hat nominated guests! fur bolero and vintage gold wedding dress bow vintage dress gold fur gold jimmy choo wedding shoes bow tieVintage Scottish wedding-2editingstyleA-2editingstyleA-1Vintage Scottish wedding-42 Vintage Scottish wedding-44Vintage Scottish wedding-53groomsmen waitingVintage Scottish wedding-70Vintage Scottish wedding-94cute bride in birdcage veilVintage Scottish wedding-130 Vintage Scottish wedding-117 Vintage Scottish wedding-118 Vintage Scottish wedding-174Vintage Scottish wedding-178Vintage Scottish wedding-231Vintage Scottish wedding-269Vintage Scottish wedding-312 editingstyleA-6 editingstyleA-7 editingstyleA-8 editingstyleA-9 editingstyleA-10 editingstyleA-11


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