A sweet Chinese wedding at Cambridge University

relaxed pub reception Qiming and Nicola had an emotional but fun wedding at Cambridge University as that's where they first met. They had a classic red and white theme, and a relaxed pub reception with a jenga guest book! CambridgeUniversitywedding_0025 CambridgeUniversitywedding_0026 CambridgeUniversitywedding_0027 CambridgeUniversitywedding_0028 CambridgeUniversitywedding_0029 CambridgeUniversitywedding_0030 CambridgeUniversitywedding_0031 CambridgeUniversitywedding_0032 CambridgeUniversitywedding_0033 CambridgeUniversitywedding_0034 CambridgeUniversitywedding_0035 CambridgeUniversitywedding_0036 CambridgeUniversitywedding_0037Canalmuseumwedding_0091 CambridgeUniversitywedding_0038 CambridgeUniversitywedding_0039 CambridgeUniversitywedding_0040

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