A wedding at High Rocks, Kent

Kearn and Richelle got married at the beautiful High Rocks in Kent. I don't often shoot a lot of barn weddings, but I must say I really like the light and backgrounds you can get! I'm quite used to registry offices and trendy pubs in London so it was nice to shoot something a bit more rustic!Vintage kitsch shoes alternative documentary wedding photographer londonKearn + Richelle-10Kearn + Richelle-13Kearn + Richelle-33Kearn + Richelle-41Kearn + Richelle-42Kearn + Richelle-44Kearn + Richelle-59Kearn + Richelle-62Kearn + Richelle-80Kearn + Richelle-104Kearn + Richelle-107Kearn + Richelle-111Kearn + Richelle-137Kearn + Richelle-186Kearn + Richelle-179Kearn + Richelle-205Kearn + Richelle-374Kearn + Richelle-395Kearn + Richelle-340Kearn + Richelle-364Kearn + Richelle-383Kearn + Richelle-325Kearn + Richelle-387Kearn + Richelle-404Kearn + Richelle-496Kearn + Richelle-532  

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