Alex and Katie’s relaxed Nottingham wedding part. 2!

Nottingham town hall wedding Continuing from part 1 where Katie had just made her entrance... When Katie came to stand by Alex, she did a cute little gesture of leaning her head into his shoulder and spent at least the first five minutes at the front trying not to cry! Alex's best man Rob had the rings, readings were given by Alex's older sister and father, and there were no objections from the crowd! Nottinghamwedding_0018 Nottinghamwedding_0019 Nottinghamwedding_0020 Nottinghamwedding_0021 Nottinghamwedding_0022 Nottinghamwedding_0023 Nottinghamwedding_0024Nottinghamwedding_0025   Following the ceremony, Katie went to speak to her father on skype whilst the guests readied themselves outside with their bubbles. Alex and Katie had arranged for a classic red double decker bus to take the guests across to the reception venue, The Riverbank. Nottinghamwedding_0026 Nottinghamwedding_0027 Nottinghamwedding_0028 Nottinghamwedding_0029 Nottinghamwedding_0030 Nottinghamwedding_0031   Alex and Katie wanted a really chilled out wedding, so instead of having a table plan they had tables arranged and everyone just sat wherever they wanted. The wedding dinner was a buffet of burgers, hotdogs and chips served with salad and brownies. Nottinghamwedding_0032 Nottinghamwedding_0033 Nottinghamwedding_0034 Nottinghamwedding_0035 Nottinghamwedding_0036Nottinghamwedding_0037 Once everyone had eaten, the maids of honour and best people (Alex's sister was a best woman!) gave speeches and the bride and groom did their thank you's. Poor Alex was made to dress up in a pink tutu and a few of his drunken shopping trolley escapades were alluded to, which was hilarious for everyone else! Nottinghamwedding_0038 Nottinghamwedding_0039 Nottinghamwedding_0040 Nottinghamwedding_0041 Nottinghamwedding_0042 Nottinghamwedding_0043 Nottinghamwedding_0044 After that they cut the beautiful cake which was also themed in navy blue and green and had their first dance to Fleetwood Mac's Everywhere before everyone joined them and got down to a mix of old and new pop provided by DJ John. Katie also shared a dance to her favourite song with her two best friends from the US. Nottinghamwedding_0045 Nottinghamwedding_0046 Nottinghamwedding_0047 Nottinghamwedding_0048 Nottinghamwedding_0049 Nottinghamwedding_0050 I just want to add congratulations to both Alex and Katie for hiring me to photograph their fun and relaxed wedding, I had a lovely time, and I hope you enjoy the photos! Nottinghamwedding_0051 Supplier roll call || Hair : Hannah Handley || MUA: Claire Elizabeth || Shoes: M&S/Designer Shoe Warehouse || Cake : Gill's Handmade Cakes || Outfits : Slater's Suits/Etsy || Florist : Triangle nursery and assembled by wedding party || Entertainment: DJ John  


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