Alternative, fun wedding ideas: Have you seen my bucket list?

One of the reasons I first got into photography was because I love how it paves the way to new experiences and interactions with others. I feel like photography is a great way to live life just a little bit more and this has always been my main motivator to shoot. For example last year, thanks to photography, I was able to see several of my favourite music artists for the first time... barely 6 feet away. It's also taken me to events that I wouldn't normally have thought of going to, and introduced me to sub-cultures outside of my usual social circle. Jessie J I am really keen to build up a portfolio shooting destination weddings. Since I was a kid I've always been encouraged to travel, my parents wanted me to see the world and they made travelling something to prioritise over cars and other luxuries. I'm so happy to say that tomorrow I'll be flying off to Jaen, Spain for my first destination wedding, and I can't wait! I have another wedding in Singapore in December which will be my first time shooting all the traditional morning games of a Chinese wedding! Alternative Kew Gardens Alice in Wonderland Mushrooms London Wedding Documentary Photography In keeping with my life/photography ethos, I made myself a bucket list of awesome things I'd love to see and shoot at a wedding. In my boyfriend's words, they're very specific, but that's why any wedding featuring these things will just be amazing! If you or anyone else you know is having any of these at their wedding, definitely encourage them to get in touch! Or, if you are doing something wonderfully unique, quirky or fun for your wedding, I'm always interested in hearing new ideas for my bucket list (not to mention I will be willing to offer discounts if you have any of these in your wedding plans)!
  • A pet in attendance. Extra points if it's a pig, llama or chicken, I've always wanted to own any of those animals.
  • Wedding car= DeLorean
  • Underwater wedding (one for the scuba divers)
  • An abandoned/creepy building setting
  • A wedding held in a retro cinema
  • Dr. Seuss themed wedding
  • An outdoor/forest wedding
  • A Ceremony in some form of water (sea/stream etc.). I'm an ex swimmer so I just love water!
  • A wedding I can wear my wellies to THIS PUPPY GOT COVERED!
  • Another country that isn't the UK ESPANA BABY! i.e. I'd love to go abroad. Extra points for being under the Aurora Borealis or a starry sky will do (won't see that in London). Will still offer discounts for other countries.
  • Festival theme- DONESIE LIKE A ONESIE!
  • Mexican Mariachi band and/or a pinata.
  • Groom/at least one member of the wedding party to have a floral beard e.g.
  • Fancy dress/cosplay wedding (must be at least 75% of the wedding party- will forgive those over the age of 60). Extra points for a jedi wedding:

Are you a photographer with your own bucket list? I'd love to hear what unique things you really want to shoot! Or are you a couple with some interesting ideas? Post in the comments box below!

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