Alternative Wedding Inspiration: Modern Quirky Wedding Chairs

On this hot and humid day ambling around the big ol’ Tinterweb, I managed to stumble upon these great handpainted stools made by Lara McCormick and Annica Lyndenberg


Photo credit: Lara McCormick

and this superhero stool from EverBlooming Designs…

superhero chair

Photo credit:

They gave me the idea:

How ACE would it be to have wedding stools like these, with individual messages painted on each one instead of wedding chairs! For extra quirkiness, you could upcycle vintage wooden stools in different colours and sizes that you source from various car boot sales.


Photo credit:

Although sourcing lots of stools would be more time consuming it would add that extra POWsonal-unique factor!

On the other hand, if you wanted a more uniform look, you could always go to Ikea and buy their unvarnished wooden stools in bulk which would set you back about £7 a piece.

ikea stool

Photo credit: Ikea


Rows of stools would look great for a ceremony or even at a reception dinner (just be careful if you have any older folks like G,-Ma who might need something more comfortable and supportive!).  As someone who hand drew their own business logo and wrote their website menu buttons in their own handwriting, I’m always a fan of adding a personal spin to things, so here’s my ideas for what you could paint on the stools:

  • Comedy/quirky messages to your wedding guests like “Hold on, I am turning up, honest!- Bride” or “Try not to cry mum!” or “Are you wearing a hat today?”
  • Guests names- i.e. use it as an easy seating plan!
  • Your names and the wedding date- the stools would double up as a wedding favour the guests could take home!
  • Whole sentences going across several stools, so that the wedding guests would have to read each other’s stools to find out the rest of the sentence- a great conversation starter!

What do you think of this edgy modern wedding chair idea? What would you paint on your wedding chairs?