An elegant London pub wedding in Camden and Kings Cross!

Jeremy and Stacey had a relaxed, low-key and not remotely solemn ceremony with just 5 guests and a surprise pair of Norwich socks ("what's the score at half time"- Jeremy at 1 minute before the ceremony). They had champagne in the elegant Great Northern hotel beforehand, and drinks in two separate pubs after whilst traversing between Camden Town Hall and The Blue Lion in Kings Cross. The reception was decorated by Stacey's good friends, and another 50 or so people joined them at the pub for a special pub quiz! camden kings cross wedding-28 camden town hall great northern kings cross wedding-1-5 camden kings cross wedding-37 camden kings cross wedding-40camden kings cross wedding-31camden kings cross wedding-82 camden kings cross wedding-98 camden kings cross wedding-90 camden kings cross wedding-1-7camden kings cross wedding-103camden kings cross wedding-1-6camden kings cross wedding-139camden kings cross wedding-270 camden kings cross wedding-231


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