Ben and Fliss’ ridiculously happy and cute wedding at Islington Town Hall and The Islington Metalworks in London

Ahh where do I start with this couple. They are one of the sweetest, happiest couples I've ever had the luck to meet and basically spent their wedding day laughing/giggling and having a jolly good time. I started the day with Fliss who got ready at a rented flat in North London. Fliss wore a 50's a line tea dress from Phase Eight which was tailored by Olivia Rose Howes and added a blue bow. She took some of the leftover material and made it into a cute hair bow using Ben's proposal ring which was a jokey one with a moustache on it- Fliss only had to change to a classic ring because it started to make her finger go green, but she wanted to still wear it so she popped it into her hair instead! She wore Kate Spade little heart earrings and Vivienne Westwood Melissa Lady Dragon shoes in pale blue and pink hearts (which perfectly matched the earrings!).

islingtonmetalworkswedding_0001 islingtonmetalworkswedding_0002 islingtonmetalworkswedding_0003 islingtonmetalworkswedding_0005 islingtonmetalworkswedding_0004

They got married at Islington Town Hall, and the ceremony was conducted by Ben's mum who is an officiant! *Cue mum marrying jokes* These two were so cute and happy all day I may have shed a small tear whilst editing the ceremony photos but anyhoo let's gloss over that!

islingtonmetalworkswedding_0006 islingtonmetalworkswedding_0007 islingtonmetalworkswedding_0008 islingtonmetalworkswedding_0009 islingtonmetalworkswedding_0010 islingtonmetalworkswedding_0011 islingtonmetalworkswedding_0012 islingtonmetalworkswedding_0013 islingtonmetalworkswedding_0014 islingtonmetalworkswedding_0015

After the ceremony everyone did the short walk to the reception venue which was The Islington Metalworks. To make sure no one got lost Fliss and Ben arranged for a mass of blue balloons

islingtonmetalworkswedding_0016 islingtonmetalworkswedding_0017 islingtonmetalworkswedding_0018

The Islington Metalworks is an amazing North London wedding venue that has a tank and armoured car outside and a tube carriage as the bar!! It's also decked out with cool graffiti and big LOVE letters and a table football!

islingtonmetalworkswedding_0019 islingtonmetalworkswedding_0020 islingtonmetalworkswedding_0021 islingtonmetalworkswedding_0022 islingtonmetalworkswedding_0023islingtonmetalworkswedding_0035

Fliss is a proud feminist so she kicked off the speeches. You can tell all the speeches were brilliantly funny from the reactions!

islingtonmetalworkswedding_0024 islingtonmetalworkswedding_0025 islingtonmetalworkswedding_0026 islingtonmetalworkswedding_0027 islingtonmetalworkswedding_0028 islingtonmetalworkswedding_0029  islingtonmetalworkswedding_0031 islingtonmetalworkswedding_0032

The dancing technically kicked off before the first dance, but the allure of Kate Bush is bound to override tradition! When the bride throws down her Vivienne Westwoods, that's when you know this shit's about to get real!

 islingtonmetalworkswedding_0034  islingtonmetalworkswedding_0036 islingtonmetalworkswedding_0037 islingtonmetalworkswedding_0038 islingtonmetalworkswedding_0033

I absolutely love shooting Islington Metalworks weddings so if you're looking for an alternative London wedding photographer get in touch!


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