Ben and Sammy’s incredible beach wedding on Priory Bay, Isle of Wight

Wow. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love the sea and everything sea-related, so when I got this enquiry I KNEW I had to shoot for these guys. They really fell in love during their time on the Isle of Wight, so it was a natural choice for them to get married there. Sammy got ready on a beach yurt with a stunning view and wore a genuine 1950’s vintage French lace dress! The ceremony itself was in a boat house on the beach where they also had their reception drinks before returning for dinner in a marquee in the woods. All the food was island sourced and damn tasty. During the speeches, Sammy’s dad was going through all of her achievements, and obviously I knew Sammy and Ben were involved in media but I didn’t realise all the amazing things she’d done, the places she’d travelled to and the things she’d seen- what an inspiring woman! When I went home that night I tried to goad my boyfriend who has both research and biology experience to look into Sammy’s job (so he could take me along).

After the dinner and speeches, it was an endless party time. I feel I need to give huge props to the band Cornerstone Entertainment. They’re IOW based but play everywhere and I’d highly recommend them as I’ve never seen such incredibly hardcore and relentless dancing! In between the dancing everyone went down to the beach to perform a Thai water ceremony, as Sammy had lived in and loved Thailand. After more jigging time, the epic day ended on the beach round a campfire, with a guitar and the stars. Perfection.

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