The best London wedding venues with green space!

Green London wedding venues

Just because you live in the big smoke doesn't mean you don't want a bit of nature 'n' green on your wedding day! With the recent closure of the Kensington Rooftop Gardens, it feels harder than ever for London couples to balance having something accessible by the night tube so their guests can get home easily, with finding a London wedding venue with green space. I've shot a fair few weddings over the years that either have some nice green space nearby, or who even better, incorporate nature and greenery into the inside of the venue itself! Here's a run down in no particular order of preference:

Kew Gardens

Kew gardens is a fab venue that can accommodate both big weddings in its conservatory and small weddings in Cambridge house, amongst another (I think) three venue spaces although I personally haven't shot at those yet! At Cambridge House there's a lovely bit of exclusive flat lawn, and during the couple shots you get a golf buggy to whip around the full Kew Gardens grounds, where there's a palm house, lilypad house, a redwood forest, oriental garden, amongst many other stunning spaces. You can check out a Kew Gardens wedding here.

bride and groom outside palm house in kew gardens

The Barbican

Wedding ceremonies at The Barbican are held in their greenhouse space, which basically looks like an epic rainforest amongst brutalist architecture. You can also hold the cake cutting in the green space although the dinner tends to take place on a balcony overlooking the greenery. There's a great variety of nooks and crannies to take couple photos, and a lovely spot for small groups.

Clissold House

Clissold House is a small venue in the North West London area of Stoke Newington that sits right inside Clissold Park. The interior rooms for hire are a stunning pastel colour, and you can wander off into a gorgeous park with a bridge, skate bowl, interesting green mounds and some water features. The upside is that it's very close to Stoke Newington Town Hall, which can hold slightly more people for a ceremony if you need it!

Mile End Art Pavilion

The Mile End Arts Pavilion is a large glass walled building that sits on a small lack surrounded by wooden pier paths, all of which is private, but it sits in the middle of Mile End Park and therefore you can head out to use some of the vast flat space if you needed group shots, or in Duncan and Sophie's case, a cricket wedding game!

mile end ecology pavilion wedding

Anddddd here's a few others I haven't shot at yet but would love to!

Horniman Museum

Based in South East London, this venue is like a glass greenhouse similar in appearance to the Kew Gardens conservatory, but instead of having plants inside, there's good green outside it so that when you get married, you'll be able to see a lovely natural green backdrop to your ceremony

Clifton Nurseries

A truly fantastic idea for a garden centre to maximise their space, you can get married amongst the plants and flowers in a very organic setting! It's worth being aware that they can only host 80 seated for dinner, which might be a limiting factor!    

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  • Interesting vibrant color and different flowers and trees to combined with it. Aside from the memories from the photos, you can get, the guest also will have an interesting background and will love the scenery.

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