A year of (not so much) wedding photography in 2020

Best wedding photography of 2020

Every year wedding photographers tend to do a summary of their year titled a "best of"... and well isn't this a funny year to be making such a post! I ended up shooting literally a handful of weddings, mostly only an hour or two at Islington Town Hall and Stoke Newington Town Hall in between or before the lockdown really kicked in. I wanted to still make a best of post because I still had an eventful year that I'd like to showcase for my couples waiting to marry in 2021 and beyond, and also to show my existing very patient clients what I've been up to :) When we first learned the weddings were likely to be restricted, I instantly went out and looked for a stable pay cheque, and also to be nearest the toilet roll supply! This way I knew I'd be able to safely hibernate my business and pay my bills through other means, and I wouldn't have to stress about taking new bookings or getting balances part paid from existing couples. From this job and after taking about a month to get over the shock of the whole situation, I took the chance to document a rare moment in society and took photos of my colleagues at work. I joined local facebook groups and photographed branding photos for a few freelancers, whilst taking on some London family photography both posed and documentary style. I found I had a wee knack for handmade clay jewellery and set up an Etsy store (still currently!) selling earring of my own design- it's called No Lobe Lost. I enjoyed photographing Secret Cinema's Drive In show at Goodwood and at the start of the year shooting behind the scenes and film stills for a short film called The Porridge. If this wasn't keeping me busy enough I also photographed portraits of NHS workers and had them exhibited in central London as part of the nationwide 2020 Vision Project that celebrated all the hard work the healthcare workers were doing for us, and took a portrait of musicians who performed outdoors for free for those isolating in care homes. My last shoot of the year wrapped up with my first interior shoot for an estate agent. Phew! That was long to explain it... so now you've made your way through that, here in no particular order are the photos!

*All events took place in accordance with the restrictions and guidance at the time*

If you're getting married, or not getting married but have a business, family or even your own face that you want photographed in London, feel free to get in touch!

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