Chua & The Bell: A new video channel for wedding photographers!

I finally decided to update my website to reflect the increasing amount of teaching work I was doing, so if you’re reading this you should be seeing a series of sub-headings aimed at photographers who want to learn a variety of mad business skillz. When I first started out I wrote a few gear reviews, […]

Photobase review: A business management software for photographers

I’ve been reliant on this amazing bargain of a software for over a year now so I felt it was time to write a review and share it with the world! In short, it has the same features as Lightblue’s offline program, but at a third of the price! If you don’t know what Lightblue […]

How to photograph same sex or gay couple’s weddings?

I see this question getting asked a lot on photography forums, with new laws coming in to legalise gay marriage, wedding photographers are suddenly thrown into a panic as they struggle to fit all their planned poses to people. “Who is the dominant one? Who is the guy and who is the girl?” They cry. […]

A wedding photographer’s resolutions for 2015!

It’s come to that post turkey nomming time where I start to reflect on the past year and think about the next with the optimism of a My Little Pony at a 24 hour dance-a-thon. “Next year I’m going to take up boxercise! I’ll eat less Monster Munch and drink more water and I’ll become […]