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My first trip to Japan with the X-T30

As you can tell from my sushi named photography packages I’ve been a Japanophile for a really long time, so I was mad stoked to head out there for a part Fujifilm-Yokohama-seminar and part holiday. The UK Fujifilm team kindly let me take my beloved X-T30 prototype that I’d been testing with me so everything […]

Forest Lake Camp wedding in the Adirondack Mountains

Outdoor destination wedding This wonderfully outdoorsy couple found me from Rangefinder Magazine’s 30 Rising Stars Award and I was de-fucking-lighted to come and shoot their destination wedding in the Adirondack mountains at Forest Lake Camp! The bride told me they were planning to take over an American Summer Camp in winter, doing a lot of the […]

Best documentary wedding photography 2018

Best documentary wedding photography 2018 It’s time for the wedding photographer’s annual round-up! Thank you to all my couples for helping me have a fab 2018. I stood on mountains, in olive groves, amongst childhood backyards. I finally visited all parts of the UK (weird that I had never done this before!), sat in hot […]

An elegant relaxed London wedding at Farm Church and Marks Club

Hoxton Hotel Wedding Preparation I remember when I first Skyped Anne-Sophie and Antoine that I thought to myself, gosh, these guys are way too beautiful and classy for me! Yes, I do actually say gosh in person. Also crikey. I inherited it from my parents and my boyfriend takes the mick out of me all […]

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