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Secret Cinema’s production of 28 Days Later

I don’t know why I agreed to shoot this production because I’m a total scaredycat- At one time I stayed in what can only be described as a freaking as fuck corridor for about 40 mins solid! Got Dirty Dancing in a few weeks, hopefully it’ll be less traumatising!!! As always, it was a pleasure […]

Secret Cinema’s production of Star Wars!

Last Summer Secret Cinema put on their biggest production to date- a multi month run of Star Wars! Here are some of the shots I took as one of the official photographers.

Secret Cinema’s production of Amy

Secret Cinema hosted a two day special event to raise money for charity, screening a pre-release of Amy, the documentary about Amy Winehouse. At the end of the film both the director and Amy’s manager gave a special short talk!

Laura and Rosie’s bright and Limoncello fueled hand fasting festival wedding at Furtho Manor Farm!

I was recommended to Rosie and Laura by their friend and my fellow wedding photographer Nikki Cooper, so I want to start by saying thank you to Nikki for the awesome wedding opportunity! I started the day at Rosie’s where she was getting into a beaded dress her Aunt handmade for her, a bright floral […]

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