Hey all my lovely couples and clients, I am just sending you a bit of info in light of the recent state of the world (I assume no one has missed the news!)

I’m currently doing as much staying in my house and happy birthday singing as possible to lower my risk of catching anything in between work, which to be honest is pretty much my normal weekday life editing and doing admin in my onesie at my desk.

If anything changes for me where I get symptoms and I need to self-isolate, please be reassured that the entire wedding industry has been discussing coronavirus within our groups for the last few weeks rather relentlessly, and we have so many cover groups set up I am not worried about getting you cover for your wedding if required- our odds are good. The same rules apply as per my contract and usual coma plan/what would always have happened if I’d broken a leg etc. I will source for you a range of options who will be the same fee as me or lower, I’ll have them shoot on the day and I’ll continue the editing and photo delivery. You’re also welcome to seek out your own replacement photographer if you would prefer that.

Of course the situation is such that you yourselves have just as much chance of catching coronavirus as your wedding suppliers and you might need to cancel, if the situation arises where you need to reschedule your wedding I won’t be charging the balance fee on your original wedding date, as per usual my balance is only due after I’ve done the work for you. As we’d be rescheduling the date your booking fee is non-refundable at this time but I will of course not be recharging the booking fee for the new date. The current government guidelines as of 17th March is that they are recommending people to not hold events, but it’s not banned, and I know some of my couples have already told me they are still going ahead so I think it’s up to your own discretion and I don’t judge people either way. I think as it stands, your venue is probably going to be the main determinant of whether you’ll be able to go ahead if that’s your plan, so I think it’s sensible to liase with them first and then make your own call based on your personal risk and guest numbers. It’s an unusual time for all, if you need to please don’t forget to consult your wedding insurance company for guidance as they may present you with a fuller range of options.

If you have mild symptoms or if your guests have known symptoms please do notify me, it doesn’t necessarily mean I won’t come and shoot, but I would prefer to know who not to go too close to and do a personal risk assessment. I know it’ll be incredibly tempting for yourselves during this time to push through the one day, and I’ll be as supportive as I can whilst being sensible. For me as my job requires me to potentially go to weddings in the weeks after yours, it would be unprofessional of me to not consider the consequential impact on other couples and my financial situation. If you have symptoms and you want to go ahead with your wedding, I’d rather have an upfront chat about our options beforehand, than turn up on the day and be surprised! We have already had wedding photographers talking about how they’ve been to a wedding over the last few weekends, and guests were still kissing and hugging each other throughout the day after coughing into their hands, and then trying to hug the photographer as well when drunk etc. So please don’t be offended that I might need to maintain an extra awareness of my own exposure risk in order to keep me working and not harming anyone else for as long as I can! I’ve just been travelling in a country that was already taking distancing measures to stay on top of the virus spread, so coming back to the UK I’m personally acutely aware of how much more relaxed the UK is being to hygiene and distancing measures, reflected in the fact that the UK spread rate is already much faster than Japan’s! I hope you understand I’m not remotely alarmist nor the stockpiling type, but I have seen that it’s possible and certainly sensible to exercise vigilance during this period, and I’m in favour of doing that so we are all able to continue with our lives as normally as possible!

I think that’s all for now, I might change this update as the situation changes and I’ll be emailing couples directly who are within a 4 week period of the date as it rolls on. If you have any concerns or questions please do email me straight away, I know we have a “business” relationship but we are all human, and I will know what the general vibe is on the ground within my industry so if you have any other questions or even just need to wail to someone involved in your wedding… I have time on my hands right now haha!

Stay safe, look after each other, and don’t do what we accidentally did and “stockpile” salad onions… (it was two of us having to hit different supermarkets at the same time to get stuff we had already run out of! They will go into rice with a raw egg mixed in on top, Japanese breakfast style 🙂 )

We’ll get you happily married one way or another!


Marianne Chua.

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