David and Victoria’s stunning quirky vintage movie styled House of Wolf wedding

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When David and Victoria got in touch and told me they were having a wedding at the House of Wolf, I knew I had to shoot their wedding. House of Wolf is this amazing restaurant/bar venue in Islington with a range of quirky rooms, each differently styled. There's a vintage apothecary with a secret hidden room, a decadent room with geometric floors and a red walled fireplace, just endless wicked decor! Victoria got ready at the Rose and Crown opposite Stoke Newington Town Hall where they were due to do the legalities. She wore a very delicate, unique vintage lace wedding dress over a slip, teamed with vintage hairpiece, her owl cuff she always wears and lace ribbon up shoes. David wore a classic suit with a top hat, which went perfectly with his moustachio!

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Their ceremony in Stoke Newington Town Hall was so sweet, lots of giggles and some tears! After the ceremony everyone boarded a London routemaster bus to head over to the House of Wolf.

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David and Victoria decorated The House of Wolf with lots of vintage 1920's games and booklets, they had a props hat stand and their favourite black and white films projected onto the wall. Their cake topper was a hand drawing by their friend of them sitting on a moon!

house of wolf wedding_0269

house of wolf wedding_0277 house of wolf wedding_0272

The guests started with drinks across the various rooms and had fun playing with the games and fancy dress props

house of wolf wedding_0271 house of wolf wedding_0273 house of wolf wedding_0274

The dinner was held at the top restaurant room...

house of wolf wedding_0278

...But before their dinner we took some quirky and fun couple shots making use of the unique decor!

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