Wednesday Wedding World Watch 11- DIY scratch card invitations, fairtrade jewellery and the £60 wedding dress!

1. How to DIY your own scratch card invitations

I saw Kat post this up and thought it was pretty cool and unique! I have to say I’ve never seen anyone do scratch card invites before! Here’s the guide for how to DIY it

2. Beautiful fairtrade wedding jewellery from Goldfabrik

I stumbled across these guys on pinterest and I just wish I could afford to go on a spree on their site!! They have the most beautiful fair trade gold wedding jewellery, all one off pieces from various European designers.

3. Everyone’s talking about the £60 wedding dress!

H&M are about to join the likes of Topshop, Monsoon, Coast and Phase Eight in bringing out a high street wedding dress. You can get this Hollywood inspired dress for only £59.99 coming out at the end of March!