DIY Vintage Tea Party Wedding in North London

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Josh and Kathryn i.e. Mr and Mrs Smith! Had a personal and very DIY vintage tea party wedding in their local church and church hall. The church was literally a 5 minute walk from their home in North London. It was actually the church of my secondary school where I’d often gone for Christmas service and orchestra concerts so it was really fun to be back there reliving some memories but in a completely new context! Kath wore a lovely beaded high collared dress and silver Jimmy Choo shoes. Her HUGE bouquet was made of pink and white roses. Josh wore a brilliant blue suit and his camera (for a bit anyway, he couldn’t leave behind the photographer in him!). The bridesmaids wore matching dusky pink lace dresses.

The wedding breakfast was themed around a vintage tea party and was DIY’d by Josh and Kath. Kath collected tons of vintage crockery over the year of her wedding planning and josh made the cake stands by drilling holes into the plates and threading them onto the stand shaft! He said he got through 6 drill bits making the cake stands! The tables were named after hotels in London where you can get afternoon tea, such as The Lanesborough where I myself had afternoon tea at for a friend’s hen do.The tables had lovely flowers on and all the tea was served in sweet china teapots! They decorated the sides of the room with framed quotes and sayings on their post cards and had a vintage suitcase for collecting wedding presents and cards. Kath made ALL the bunting with a little help from friends, which must’ve taken ages and lots of dedication!  The favours were sweetie jars and commemorative daffodils to honour Josh’s mum.

Towards the evening after all the cakes and sandwiches had been noshed they had a BBQ roast outdoors and lots of partying!

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