No question is too nosy! 

fun bride and guests

Not at all, I am an open unashamed dork and I love shooting for every couple in all shapes, orientations, looks and personalities. I passionately believe that everyone deserves to be loved and happy, and to feel confident and valued when they celebrate that.

I embrace every person for who they are, so whether you’re getting married in a traditional big white dress or your birthday suit, I enjoy working with people from all walks of life.

I shoot weddings, civil ceremonies, humanist ceremonies, elopements, absolutely anything you can declare yo’ love at!

Yes, it’s going to be ok, don’t panic Mr Mainwaring! A majority of the couples who approach me tend to bring this up because the way I work is perfect for people who don’t feel they’ve nailed their Vogue poses. Remember, unless you’re a professional model (which most of the world isn’t), it literally is not your job to look good for the camera. It’s MY job to make you look good.

My default mode is to not interfere or pose you, so for most of the day you’ll look absolutely brilliant by simply ignoring me! Even when I shoot couple shots, I’m secretly snapping the giggles and stolen looks when you’re not noticing, and this is the secret sauce to capturing that relaxed vibe.

Although an eight-armed alien would clearly be a superior photographer than me and get all the best angles, I do actively encourage all my clients to meet for an informal chat over Zoom, as I think it’s important that you get to know me and feel 100% happy in your choice to book.

Being photographed is kind of intimate, so it matters to me that you feel totally comfortable with me. Documentary photography also works best if the guests feel like I could be one of them. That way they’ll let me into their inside jokes, and that’s the best memories I capture.

I work in an unlimited way. All that means is that I photograph everything that looks interesting and wonderful to me.

So if there’s more, I will give you more. 

Having said this, I can reassure you that from my extensive experience, I will produce a minimum of 300 photos for a full day, usually averaging closer to approximately 700 photos.

Luckily, I’m a fairly robust person, I put that down to my excessive love of sushi (if the mercury poisoning hasn’t got me yet then nothing will!).

However, if something unexpected were to happen to me, there will be no need to worry as I am a member of three UK wedding photographer networks, including one cleverly named “Emergency Wedding Photography Cover Club”, that will almost certainly have a willing stand-in.

I also am the pioneer of the wedding industry’s ‘coma plan’. 

If anything breaks during the wedding, my brain would probably have a 3 second cry (which would manifest externally as “Oh shhhiiiii…”), but then I’d pick up my back ups and get on with it. I come to every wedding with two camera bodies, ample back-up lenses and spare memory cards and batteries. So, short of hurling my whole camera bag into a river, I’ll always be able to keep shooting in the event of any technical failures.

Yes indeedy, I and all my equipment are fully insured! Which is good because I sometimes like to climb around like a ninja in the name of wedding photography.

Haha this has nothing to do with wedding photography, but if you insist! I currently rate Barrafina in Soho, it’s kind of upmarket tapas and sharer plates and they use such fresh ingredients and every dish is simply cooked to perfection. NOM NOM NOM! I loved Koya, a Japanese Udon house but sadly the chef moved back to Japan!

Yes of course! What I show on my website is the tiniest % of what I actually cover, I like to show the essence of my style so you know what I’m all about, but I shoot all parts of the story including details and even couple and group shots!

A key difference with me is that I discourage people from spending too much time on the staged photos, simply because my ethos is that people should enjoy their day.

When I do photograph the more staged bits, I’m relaxed yet time efficient in my approach. I will advise you when/where/how long things will take so you can choose how to customise your photography!

I offer an ‘unlimited’ option without a specific number of hours because I love to tell a full story of your day with all the fun personal touches you’ve included.

Therefore I consider a full day’s coverage to be whatever prep entails, to that magic window of time that’s after I’ve gotten some blackmail-worthy photos of your drunk guests but before those same drunk guests try to wrestle my camera off me to take their own photos!

The only limitations I suggest are that the hours are humane and I am able to get home after the wedding! (Unless of course you want me to stay overnight and can accommodate me- I once camped in a field with the wedding party just for the fun of it!)

I want to wear what enables me to be in peak photographer mode- this means my default wedding outfit is a smartish top and cute culottes. It’s the perfect balance between cooling for me, but zero flashing risk for your guests!

I also wear trainers by default- either dark and discreet or stylish and trendy. This is partly so I don’t get hindered by foot ache, and also because as a marathon runner I like to look after my tootsies. If you think my trainers will not match with your wedding vibe, let me know, it’s totally cool I can bring out the jazzy brogues!

Yep, sadly if your wedding is out of the beautiful Trumanesque London bubble the travel costs are 25p/mile. There is also a £50 surcharge if I am required to stay nearby the night before to combat risk of morning rush hour traffic!

Of course you can! I believe your wedding day belongs to you so I don’t force your friends and family pay extra to have a copy of your photos.

Although you have the license to print your photos anywhere, I also offer the highest quality printing services through labs that are only available to professional photographers, just in case you’re short on time and want the best at your convenience. These can be accessed through your private gallery.

Hoorah! That’s great! First things first, EMAIL ME PRONTO because if you don’t, I won’t know you want to book! I encourage every couple to meet me, either online via Zoom or in person so they can check I’m not an eight-armed alien. If my human four-limbed status does not disappoint, there are two steps to officially make the booking.

Firstly, you will need to read and complete the agreement of services. We do all of this online as it’s legally binding, secure, 100x easier for all involved and nice to trees! Following this, you will need to pay a retainer fee, which is usually 30% of the services you’ve chosen rounded to the nearest friendly number.

You’ll receive a receipt slip to prove you’ve paid the retainer, along with a copy of the agreement with my signature on the bottom. Once all that jazz is done, you’re officially booked in and we can toot some party horns!

Fancy a chat?

If you’ve made it all the way down here, I reckon we’d get on pretty well.