Welcome to FLUFF! The family photography corner of mariannechua.com. My award-winning and internationally renowned wedding photography has always emphasised the importance of two things.

Pop-quiz answers: It’s love and people.

After years of being asked by past wedding clients whether I could come and shoot their new family additions (guess that’s often a pattern after marriage!), 2020 is the year that I am delighted to offer my family photography services, whilst keeping true to my signature style.

I’ve called it FLUFF because as you well know I love a good play on words, so it stands for Family Life Unfiltered Fotography. Fluff reflects my belief that the best way to record and treasure family memories is to go beyond the simple stand and look at the camera approach. Life with kids and pets is messy and energetic (some would say stuffed full of life!) so I think family photography should show that. I want to show your personalities, your home and your true life together- going beyond the classic staged moments.

The ideal way to capture this is for me to come by  your home and spend a half day with you following your normal routine. Or alternatively we go out for a jaunt out together. It doesn’t matter what size your family is and what it’s made out of, it can be 0-10+ children, and 0-10+ animals!


However, in light of the current pandemic restrictions I will be offering two options:


Option ONE

You can book in advance for my half day FLUFF shoot at an amazing 30% discount, and when lockdown restrictions lift to allow this (i.e. someone can visit your home), you’ll be able to schedule a date and time for your session. This is usually priced at £450 for up to 4 hours of shooting time, which is needed to allow you guys to relax, get into the groove and get a nice variety of photos. By booking in advance and redeeming at a later date, you can make use of this special offer until the end of June 2020 by titling your email enquiry with the coupon code “Jump in the sea corona!”, and your FLUFF shoot will be £315. This must be in London!


Option TWO

ORRRRRR you can choose to have a lockdown-restrictions-friendly outdoor shoot for 1 hour, in the knowledge that the style of photography would not be 100% FLUFFy as we would need to adhere to social distancing rules. This would be still a great option for those who know they might not have the time post coronavirus or want to have gorgeous family photos ASAP! A 1 hour outdoor shoot is £150.


For either type of shoot, fluffy or non-fluffy you get the full size ready-to-print digital images in an online gallery. You have the option to do whatever you like with them, it’s your photos and your family after all!

Pre-parent shoots

Wait! What if you’re a bit ahead of the curve and you want to capture your new family before they’re born? That’s cool too, I offer pre-parent shoots where I capture you guys and the bump as a unit!

To book, drop me and email at hello@mariannechua.com








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