My award-winning wedding photography has always emphasised the importance of two things: Love and laughter.

After years of being asked by happy wedding clients whether I could come and shoot their new family additions (guess that’s often a pattern after marriage!), I am delighted to offer family photography that stay true to my signature style. 

Just like my weddings, I aim to capture the joy of each individual and their relationships, with an artistic photojournalist composition. 

I’ve called it FLUFF because I love a good pun: FLUFF stands for Family Life UnFiltered Fotography. Plus my toddler Amara absolutely LOVES her fluffy toys, so it’s a homage to my own little favourite.

FLUFF reflects my belief that the best way to record and treasure family memories is to go beyond the old school stand and look at the camera approach.

Life with kids and pets is messy and energetic (some would say stuffed full of life!) so I think family photography should show the beautiful reality of that.

I want to show your personalities, your home touches and your true life together beyond the classic staged moments.


The ideal way to capture this is for me to come to your home and spend a half day with you following your preferred routine or going for a day out together. It doesn’t matter what size your family is and what it’s made out of, it can be 0-10+ children, and 0-10+ animals!

For either type of shoot, whether it’s the 100% FLUFF or QUICK STUFF you get the full size ready-to-print digital images in an online gallery. You have the option to do whatever you like with them, it’s your photos and your family after all!



The first born option is us larking around for up to 4 hours of shooting time, which is the perfect window to allow you guys to relax, get into the groove and get a nice variety of photos.

My tip is this works better where at least one of your little ones moves a fair bit!



snap snap: ONE HOUR SHOOt

It's a-ok if you know you can't give half a day, you need some quick, simpler photos, or if you have a bump or wee newborn! I'm also available for 1 hour shoot sessions tailored to you.



quick stuff: mini sessions

Sometimes you don't want a full story, just that handful of photos to update the wall! I run seasonal 20 minute mini sessions restricted to Brentwood, Essex and the surrounding villages. You'll see a full gallery and get to choose your own favourites for a more polished edit. This can be perfect for newborns.

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