General update!

Sooo it's pretty obvious that I'm useless at blogging! I have all the best intentions but right now very little time. As my clients who've already met me will know, I'm currently finishing off my PhD thesis, so this is one of the things that is currently getting in the way of me blogging about my exciting photography adventures! The other reason why I haven't blogged a lot recently is because I've been quite busy shooting weddings (whadya know!) I started out this year with the intention of shooting a max of two weddings per month, but after a while my willpower crumbled and I found myself taking on a bit more photography work! Lastly, I decided to give my website a professional overhaul, so I'm holding off on the blogging until I launch my new website and therefore a new home for bloggy. So, I haven't forgotten about you guys, I've just been up to stuff, continue to watch this space!

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