The TL;DR is that I offer the same me on the day, same approach and products but with three different options for the number of hours covered.

Every single one of these delicious options (yes I’m sushi obsessed) comes with the following same same:

Unlimited number of photos

If there’s more hip happening at your wedding I want you to be able to see those memories. That’s why I don’t have a specific number of photos I deliver- I shoot what I see and I deliver what I shoot. You’ll get an unlimited number of artistically curated, edited, high resolution .jpgs on USBs

Printing rights for all

I want your guests to enjoy the photos just as much as you, so whoever you choose to share the photos with get the right to any personal use of the images. Basically, no extra costs for the G-Ma, yeay!

Print credit

I don’t know whether you’re viewing your photos on a PC, TV or phone, so to make sure you get to see some of your photos in the perfect colour it was meant to be viewed in, you also get £50 worth of prints. I’m a practical one so I let you choose the selection and print size.

Online gallery

To save you ripping and burning the USB, you’ll also get your own password protected gallery that allows you to easily share your photos with friends and family. Ideal for those who have loved ones abroad! It also acts as cloud storage for those more likely to lose things just like myself!

Sweet ass memories and everything else you missed!

One of my main missions as a wedding photographer is to document beyond the couple’s experience, showing you all the things that your friends were up to elsewhere in the room! I think weddings should be about love, laughter, friends and family, so my photos are filled with all of that!

Top notch blackmail material of your booziest friends and family!

Nuff said.

The Unlimited Otoro Sashimi Service



My photography style looks to tell an honest story of your wedding day so I like to be around for the complete picture
(*boom tsh*).

I ask that hours are humane and I provide advice from years of experience on what’s a balanced cut-off time, but essentially I’m there from the morning banter until the dancefloor face plant.

Weddings sometimes run late and having unlimited hours means you don’t have to stress about any surprise extra charges or your photographer disappearing before the first dance!

Also, I shoot for a diverse range of couples- a wedding timeline in one culture can be very different to another culture, so I want to accommodate everyone’s story, whatever it may be.

The Chutoro Sashimi Service

[up to 8 HOURS]


This option is ideal if you aren’t fussed about the morning getting ready bit OR the last song, but you otherwise still want brilliant uncompromising coverage of the best parts of your wedding day. Everything is the same as the Unlimited Otoro service, just squished into an exact time frame.

If you accidentally overrun on the day, don't worry I won't just disappear before your first dance, additional hours can be added at £200/hour with a maximum cap at the Unlimited rate.

Extra Sides

Every dish tastes better with a little bit of sauce for extra flavour! To really enjoy your photographs, getting them printed is so important… here is a selection of extras I provide that can make your wedding photographs sweeter.



In case it wasn’t obvious enough, I love things that are unique and off the beaten track. A huge part of my love for photography is the fact that I’m always encouraged to seek something new and interesting.

Therefore, I have a bucket list of things that I would love to experience and photograph.

If your wedding includes any of these things, I will offer you an exclusive discount!



This all good with you?

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