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Why hello there, thanks for visiting the new blog of Marianne Chua Photography! Before I get into the blog stuff, it's probably worth giving you a bit of the back story. Marianne Chua Photography is a one girl show of a psychology student attempting to finish her PhD thesis whilst exploring the possibility of a career as a wedding/event/press photographer. It started out in the oh-so-standard way of a friend asking for a photography favour, and it kind of just got crazy from there. Today is pretty much the anniversary of me getting my first ever DSLR, so it seemed like a good time to start something new v2.0. Over the past year I've won competitions, shot some incredible music artists, booked solo weddings, bought business cards, given out business cards too quickly, been invited to shoot for an award winning photographer... it really has just been a mad mad journey!

So that brings us back to where we are now. After months of umming and erring, I finally decided to start up a business blog. I’ve just overhauled my website...

Screen shot 2013-03-11 at 18.54.43

...so it seemed like a good time to add something new to Marianne Chua Photography. Blogs are pretty common for wedding suppliers, but I’d like to share more than just the weddings I shoot. As a new business with no business background, I find there’s a lot I’m learning along the way. Often I get questions from fellow newbie photographers about various aspects of business, so I thought it’d be nice to share my limited experience with others who might be going through the same process. Also, there’s so much fun/exciting little things about photography that I’d love to put out there, and normally do so on my facebook page, so it’s about time all of that mess got organised!

Here are the kinds of things I aim to cover in this blog:

Things I’m shooting Other suppliers/professionals I’m meeting Business experiences good and bad Photography geekage Marianne Chua Photography developments/news

Hope you guys enjoy the blog, first proper post will be on its way soon!

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