Do we have to be Cool Cats to book you?

Not at all, I am a certified and unashamed geek and I love shooting for every couple in all shapes and orientations; My photography is all about capturing you being you! All I mean by “quirky” and “alternative” is that I embrace every couple for who they are, so whether you’re getting married in a traditional big white dress or your birthday suit, I love working with people from all walks of life. I shoot weddings, civil ceremonies, humanist ceremonies, elopements, basically anything you can declare yo’ love at!

We reckon we might be mega awkward in front of the camera, is that going to be ok?

Yes, it’s going to be ok, don’t panic Mr Mainwaring! A majority of the couples who approach me tend to bring this up, and actually the way I work is perfect for people who don’t feel they’ve perfected their Vogue poses. My default mode is to not interfere or pose anything, so for most of the day you’ll look absolutely brilliant by just ignoring me! Even when I shoot couple shots, I’m secretly snapping the fits of giggles and stolen looks when you’re not noticing, and this is how I capture relaxed happy faces!

That’s a relief, are we allowed to meet you before the wedding to make sure you aren’t an eight-armed alien?

Although an eight-armed alien would clearly be a superior photographer than me, I do actually encourage all my clients to meet for an informal chat either in person or over Skype, as I think it’s important that you get to know me and feel 100% happy before you make any decisions.

How many images do we get from our day?

I work in an unlimited way, essentially all that means is that I photograph everything that looks interesting and wonderful to me, and if there’s more, I will give you more. I’m there to shoot your wedding for YOU, and it’s pointless for me to take nice photos that never get seen by anyone because there’s a maximum capped number. Having said this, I can reassure you that generally I will produce a minimum of 300 photos for a full day’s shooting and that I select the best photos all edited in my wicked way!

We can see that there’s a hellalotta of people in your photos… but will you take a shot of the cake my Auntie made? And a shot of my Famalam for the mantelpiece?

Yes of course! What I show on my website is the tiniest % of what I actually cover, I like to show the essence of my style so you know what I’m all about, but I shoot all parts of the story including details and even couple and group shots! I discourage people from spending tooooooo much time on the staged photos, simply because my ethos is that people should enjoy their wedding day and spend it with loved ones, rather than me, a silly stranger! But essentially I’m flexible in my approach to these and can advise you when/where/how long they will take so you can choose how to customise your photography!

How long do you shoot for ?

I don’t restrict you to a specific number of hours because I believe my job is to tell a full story of your day, therefore I consider a full day’s coverage to be bride/groom prep to that magic window of time that’s after I’ve gotten some wicked blackmail-worthy photos of your drunk guests but before I start getting drunk guests attempting to wrestle my camera off me to take their own photos! I embrace diverse and unique weddings so it’s important to me that you aren’t penalised just because your wedding day is a bit longer. The only limitations I suggest are that the hours are humane and I am able to get home after the wedding! (Unless of course you want me to stay overnight and can accommodate me- I once camped in a field with the wedding party just for the fun of it!)

What do you wear to our wedding?

I want to wear what enables me to be in peak shooting mode- this means my default wedding outfit is a smart casual sleeveless blouse and epic culottes. It’s the perfect balance between cooling for me, but zero flashing risk for your guests! I also wear trainers by default- either dark and discreet or stylish and trendy. This is partly so I never get distracted by foot ache, and partly because as a marathon runner I like to look after my tootsies. If you think my trainers will not match with your wedding vibe, let me know, it’s totally cool I can bring out the jazzy brogues!

Are there any extra costs if we’re unfortunate enough to live far away from your sphere of awesome?

Yep, sadly if your wedding is out of the beautiful Trumanesque London bubble the travel costs are 25p/mile. There is also a £50 surcharge if I am required to stay nearby the night before to combat risk of morning rush hour traffic!

Can we print our photos?

Of course you can! I believe your wedding day belongs to you so I don’t force your friends and family pay extra to have a copy of your photos, I simply give you all the best .jpg photos for you to share and print as you wish. Although you have the license to print your photos on the high street, I also offer the highest quality printing services through labs that are only available to professional photographers. I currently offer small, large, mounted, framed and fine art prints, but if you would like to request other printed goods please don’t hesitate to ask! You might wonder what the difference is, well, the professional photo labs have greater colour accuracy and paper quality in their prints, guaranteeing that your wedding photos look the way they should. They also offer a wider range of products. If you would like to order professional prints you can do so from the client galleries.

What happens if you get ill?

Luckily, I’m a fairly robust person, I put that down to my excessive love of sushi (if the mercury poisoning hasn’t got me yet then nothing will!) and my Captain America-esque vaccine record (travelling+working in hospitals=sore arm). However, if something bad was to happen to me, there will be no need to worry as I am a member of three UK wedding photographer networks, including one cleverly named “Emergency Wedding Photography Cover Club”, that will almost certainly have a willing stand-in.

Ooh Ooh, what happens if your equipment gets ill on the day?

If anything breaks during the wedding, my brain would probably have a 3 second cry (which would manifest externally as “Oh…”), but then I’d pick up my back ups and get on with it. I come to every wedding with two camera bodies (named Quentin and Runty), ample back-up lenses and spare memory cards and batteries. So, short of hurling my whole camera bag into a river, I’ll always be able to keep shooting in the event of any technical failures.

Are you insured?

Yes indeedy, I and all my equipment are fully insured! Which is good because I sometimes like to climb around like a ninja in the name of wedding photography.

What’s your privacy policy?

It’s here!

I can see that you’re obsessed with food, what’s your recommendation for eating out in London?

Haha this has nothing to do with wedding photography, but if you insist! I currently rate Koya on Frith Street, Soho. It’s a Japanese Udon house but what makes it special is their specials board and small plates. They just seem to get really creative and put a twist on the standard Japanese favourites. Last few things I’ve eaten there include skate wing and cucumber leaf tempura, roast duck meatball udon, some weird sweetcorn and crab tempura that looked like a sticky toffee pudding but tasted amazeballs, and venison sashimi! NOM NOM NOM!

We reckon you’re the right photographer for us and we’re keen to book, what’s the next step?

Hoorah! That’s great! First things first, EMAIL ME PRONTO because if you don’t, I won’t know you want to book! I encourage every couple to meet me, either online via Skype or in person so they can check I’m not an eight-armed alien. If my human four-limbed status does not disappoint, there are two steps to officially make the booking. Firstly, you will need to read and complete the agreement of services. We do this online using Adobe Echosign, it’s legally binding, secure, 100x easier for all involved and nice to trees! Following this, you will need to pay a retainer fee, which is usually 30% of the services you’ve chosen rounded to the nearest friendly number. You’ll receive a receipt slip to prove you’ve paid the retainer, along with a copy of the agreement with my signature on the bottom. Once all that jazz is done, you’re officially booked in and we can toot some party horns!

I have a confession! I’m not getting married, I’m a fellow photographer but I love yo’ shit!

Ah, why thank you! If you are into what I’m into, or want to get into what I’m into but don’t know how, I offer wedding photography business workshops. You can find out more info by clicking here.

If you’re a couple getting married, email me here, not there!


What’s the damage?

The TL;DR is that I offer the same me on the day, same approach and products but with three different options for the number of hours covered.

The Unlimited Otoro Sashimi Service: £2000 /// Unlimited hours 

My photography style looks to tell an honest story of your wedding day so I ideally like to be around for the complete picture (*boom tsh*). I ask that hours are humane and I provide advice on the cut-offs where the coverage gets unnecessary/repetitive, but essentially I’m there from the morning banter until the dancefloor face plant. Weddings sometimes run late and having unlimited hours means you don’t have to stress about any surprise extra charges or your photographer disappearing before the first dance! Also, I shoot for a diverse range of couples- a wedding timeline in one culture can be very different to another culture, on principle I don’t penalise someone for being different!

The 7 hour Chūtoro Sashimi Service: £1700 /// Up to 7 hours 

This is ideal if you aren’t fussed about the morning getting ready bit OR the party bit, but you otherwise still want a pretty full story of your day.

The 5 hour Maguro Sashimi Service: £1000 /// Up to 5 hours

I’ve formally introduced this coverage level for off-peak London weddings only, after finding there were many couples having lovely civil ceremony and relaxed pub vibes and wanting memories of this time but nothing too hardcore! For an example of what I can provide in this timeframe, check out this London East Dulwich Tavern wedding.

Every single one of these delicious options comes with the following same same:

Unlimited number of photos

If there’s more hip happening at your wedding I want you to be able to see those memories. That’s why I don’t have a specific number of photos I deliver- I shoot what I see and I deliver what I shoot. You’ll get an unlimited number of artistically curated, edited, high resolution .jpgs on USBs

Printing rights for all

I want your guests to enjoy the photos just as much as you, so whoever you choose to share the photos with get the right to any personal use of the images. Basically, no extra costs for the G-Ma, yeay!

Print credit

I don’t know whether you’re viewing your photos on a PC, TV or phone, so to make sure you get to see some of your photos in the perfect colour it was meant to be viewed in, you also get £50 worth of prints. I’m a practical one so I let you choose the selection and print size.

Online gallery

To save you ripping and burning the USB, you’ll also get your own password protected gallery that allows you to easily share your photos with friends and family. Ideal for those who have loved ones abroad! It also acts as cloud storage for those more likely to lose things!

Sweet ass memories and everything else you missed!

One of my main missions as a wedding photographer is to document beyond the couple’s experience, showing you all the things that your friends were up to elsewhere in the room! I think weddings should be about love, laughter, friends and family, so my photos are filled with all of that!

Top notch blackmail material of your booziest friends and family!

Nuff said


 Schweeeeet, want to book this now?

 The Wasabi add-on: £500

Second shooter

Adding on a second shooter is ideal if you need:

Groom prep

Extra guest coverage


Ebi Tempura: £3000

I specialise in weekend long weddings- my documentary style gets you unique and hilarious photos of your loved ones when you book me for both the evening before and day after the main wedding day. Kind of like a documentary family portrait session and wedding photography rolled into one! Check out this wild party weddingJulie and Suzanne, Petia and Richard, and Cass and Chris to see the difference!

funnest wedding photographer_0129

Sounds tasty?

 Uni Gunkan

Bespoke services and private non-wedding events (bar/bat mitzvahs, birthdays etc.): please email me


Extra sides

Every dish tastes better with a little bit of sauce for extra flavour! To really enjoy your photographs, getting them printed is so important… here is a selection of extras I provide that can make your wedding photographs sweeter.

Edamame beans (viewmaster + 3 reels of 7 3d photos): £125

Extra edamame beans: £30/extra reel of 7 photos

fun 3d viewmaster wedding photography fun 3d viewmaster wedding photography fun 3d viewmaster wedding photography

The Wedding Photographer’s Bucket List

In case you couldn’t tell already, I love things that are unique and off the beaten track. I became a photographer because it encourages me to chase something new and interesting all the time.

Therefore, I have a bucket list of things that I would love to experience and shoot. If your wedding includes any of these things, I will offer you an exclusive discount!

  • A pet in attendance Extra points if it’s a pig, llama or chicken, I’ve always wanted to own any of those animals. (Got a plethora of goats and chickens coming in 2015!)
  • Wedding car= DeLorean. Thanks Sam and Lloyd!!!
  • Underwater wedding (one for the scuba divers)
  • Dodgems!
  • Natural History Museum
  • Tree house
  • An abandoned/creepy building setting. I love The Asylum arts centre! (Shot it. Owned it.)
  • A wedding held in a retro cinema (There’s going to be ushers and popcorn and everything!)
  • Dr. Seuss themed wedding
  • An elopement Happening 2016!
  • A wedding in Iceland (because I’ve almost shot there twice now, it needs to happen!)
  • An Alice in Wonderland themed wedding
  • Roald Dahl themed wedding
  • Traditional Japanese wedding
  • Wedding at an aquarium (me loves fish)
  • A wedding at one of the Crazy Bear venues
  • A wedding at Aynhoe Park, check out this blog post to understand why! (Will be there in Summer ’15)
  • A wedding at Pale & Interesting (it’s a venue!)
  • Preston Court wedding
  • An outdoor ceremony in a forest (coming to you in 2015)
  • A Ceremony in some form of water (sea/stream etc.). I’m an ex swimmer so I just love water!
  • A wedding I can wear my wellies to (THIS PUPPY GOT COVERED! In mud.)
  • Another country that isn’t the UK Extra points for being under the Aurora Borealis or a starry sky will do (won’t see that in London). Have shot in Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Singapore and Hollywood (yes that counts as it’s own country). Will still offer discounts for other countries.
  • Festival theme- (DONESIE LIKE A ONESIE!)
  • Mexican Mariachi band and/or a pinata (The couple have a pirate ship pinata, yyarrrghhhh me hearties! Got mariachi’d up Summer ’15!)
  • Groom to have a floral beard e.g. http://wolfeyebrows.wordpress.com/2013/01/22/floral-beards/floral-beard/
  • Fancy dress/cosplay wedding (must be at least 75% of the wedding party- will forgive those over the age of 60). Extra points for a jedi wedding: http://www.jedichurch.org/jedi-marriage-licence.html

Got a bucket list wedding? Go go go!


Marianne Chua.

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