James and Chantal’s peacock blue and green quirky wedding with 1000 origami cranes!

James and Chantal were the first and only couple to find me solely through FB- so you get the Facebook Couple title huzzah! They had a fun wedding at a community barn in Reading. Chantal has THE coolest eyes, one brown and one blue, which is just stunning really!! She had gypsophila flowers and a blue ribbon plaited into her hair and wore a blue petticoat under her traditional wedding dress to give it a quirky feel. They also had custom made blue and green bride and groom converse! The colour scheme carried through to the reception venue which had peacock feathers on the chair backs, an amazing peacock wedding cake with matching cupcakes and icing done by two of the guests and peacock feathers on the gold J & C letters.

The other wicked aspect of their wedding theme was origami- James and Chantal hand folded 1000 origami cranes, which is traditionally meant to bring luck and goodwill to the marriage. They ran with that theme and also had origami animal centrepieces which were also the table names (as shown by the table plan of string of origami animals), and they had the name holders for each guest as a how-to guide for folding their table’s origami animal! The speeches were hilarious- there was a joke from the stag do about having mini green soldiers and each stag party member having to assume their soldiers position- so of course they gave James the most difficult! After the party and couple shots, James and Chantal had a sparkler send off and it was my first time shooting one so that was a pretty cool experience, a bit like the confetti shot but with more danger!

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