Jim and Laura’s relaxed wedding in Rye next to a beautiful orchard!

Jim and Laura got married in Rye Town Hall which is a beautifully elegant room complete with your own town crier! Their reception was held at a local community hall which they decorated with pom poms, gypsophila and origami mini stars! The entertainment was provided by the family band and Laura's dad played the ukulele! I don't know what else to say about Jim and Laura's wedding apart from how much I loved how intimate and down to earth it was. For Jim and Laura their wedding was just about their friends and family and spending the day partying with them, so I hope these photos capture that!

Ryetownhallwedding_0178 Ryetownhallwedding_0179 Ryetownhallwedding_0180 Ryetownhallwedding_0181 Ryetownhallwedding_0182 Ryetownhallwedding_0183 Ryetownhallwedding_0184 Ryetownhallwedding_0185 Ryetownhallwedding_0186 Ryetownhallwedding_0187 Ryetownhallwedding_0188 Ryetownhallwedding_0189 Ryetownhallwedding_0190 Ryetownhallwedding_0191 Ryetownhallwedding_0192 Ryetownhallwedding_0193 Ryetownhallwedding_0194 Ryetownhallwedding_0195 Ryetownhallwedding_0196 Ryetownhallwedding_0197 Ryetownhallwedding_0198 Ryetownhallwedding_0199 Ryetownhallwedding_0200


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