Kevin and Tracey’s quirky Little Theatre cinema wedding in Bath

Kevin and Tracey helped me fulfil one of my wedding photography bucket list items, which was to shoot a wedding in a cinema! I love films so it had always been a dream venue for me! I only shot their wedding for a half day, but in that time I got some ace photos of their guests enjoying things like the vintage popcorn and the ticket stubs, as well as the fish and chips van that pulled up for their wedding breakfast. Tracey's son did some cool artwork for them which was displayed on the cards table. They wanted it to be like a little city festival in a hall, so they also had a band play that Kevin had photographed before, the Quiet Marauders. It was definitely one of the most challenging venues for me to shoot in, I knew how I wanted to light the ceremony/cinema room, I wanted it to feel like a cinema so I added my own lighting to make it more dramatic! Tracey looked awesome in her Irregular Choice wedding shoes, birdcage veil and sequin bolero. Kevin also looked dapper in his waistcoat and cool feather button hole.

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