Marcus and Jacqueline’s fun winter wedding at Frensham Heights School in Surrey

Just after Christmas I second shot a wedding for my good friend Kari Bellamy Photography at Marcus and Jacqueline's wedding in Surrey. I love the occasional second shooting job with a fellow photographer because it gives me the chance to get more experimental and creative in a lower-responsibility situation than when I shoot as a primary. It also lets me shoot at new venues with many different kinds of clients. This lovely and elegant winter wedding at the grand Frensham Heights School was full of fun dancing, International friends and family and cold winter sun! Here's a small selection of my favourite shots from across the wedding.

frensham heights_0704 frensham heights school_0588 frensham heights_0705frensham heights wedding_0686frensham heights wedding_0687frensham heights wedding_0685frensham heights school_0589 frensham heights school_0600 frensham heights wedding-1-8frensham heights_0701 frensham heights_0702   frensham heights school_0602 frensham heights school_0601 frensham heights wedding_0690frensham heights school_0594frensham heights school_0595 frensham heights school_0603   frensham heights wedding_0692 frensham heights wedding_0693 frensham heights wedding_0694

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