Marianne Chua Photography’s 101 to finding and bagging your wedding photographer

For those if you who don't already know, I am a supplier on Hitched and a regular poster to the forum. The questions us "tog" suppliers get asked most frequently revolves around: a) How do I find my photographer and b) What questions do I ask them when I find them? People also tend to get confused by the jargon involved in contracts and the nonsense photographers make reference to because we assume everyone knows what a "50 1.4" means. So, as part of this mini-series, I will also clear up the mysteries of tog speak and how to make sure you aren't signing away your first born child.

Here's a run down of what the mini-series guide will cover:

1: How do I find my wedding photographer?

This first installment will cover how to approach your search and where to start looking for photographers. It will also explain the different styles of photography so you can narrow down your search and find the right photographer for you.

2: I've found a potential photographer, what questions should I be asking?

Once you've identified a few photographers you want to meet with, the next thing people often ask is "how do I know they're good?" and "what do I need to ask or make sure of". Part Two will provide a list of questions you need to be asking yourself and the photographer, and what kind of things you can expect.

3: Whhhaaaattt does that mean??

Ok, so you've found your perfect tog, and they've presented you with a contract and given you a whole load of information. The third part of this wedding photographer 101 will be unscrambling all the jargon that goes into the contract, in words that everyone can understand. I will write it as an A-Z format, and constantly be updating it as and when I get questions or new ideas, so feel free to use it like a wee glossary.

SO, that's what I'll be working on over the next few weeks, tune in soon for Part 1: How to find your wedding photographer!

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