A classic Marks Hall Coach House wedding!

Ant and Nitisha’s Marks Hall wedding took place in a small marquee in an English country garden with the reception in the attached coach house. I have shot a few weddings at Marks Hall Coach house as I am a recommended supplier there, but this was my first time shooting under the marquee! They had a very relaxed day, Nitisha told me that her favourite moments were those that they shared with their friends and families. Also for her, seeing her (now) husband’s face as she walked down the aisle was incredible as well as the first dance feeling really special.

I asked them how they met and they told me: “We actually met online! We were on a website called My Single Friend, where your friends write the bio for you, rather than you doing this yourself (I found this far less cringeworthy than writing my own)! We got engaged after being together for four and a half years; he proposed in our flat and then had planned a whole weekend of fun activities for us including a night’s stay in the Shangri-La hotel at the top of the Shard!”.

A timeless wedding at Marks Hall

Ant and Nitisha decided not to have a theme, they say this was mainly because they couldn’t agree on anything! They kept the decor, flowers and bridal/groom parties attire all quite simple as they were keen to ensure that these aspects don’t look dated when they looked back at the photos in years to come. The wedding planning bits that they found the hardest were the seating plans and staying under budget: “Seating plans are always difficult when you need to fill the same number of places at each table. Luckily we were pretty chilled and just filled slots with people we knew would get on with anyone! The other hurdle was of course budgeting. We were keen to not overspend but at times trying to get the best or cheapest deal took so long and was so frustrating that we paid a little more than we hoped.”

Nitisha’s number one planning tip is “Don’t stress about the little things (I did cry when it started to rain just before our ceremony which then had to be moved into the marquee at the last minute, instead of being under the summer house; in hindsight it was so unimportant and the act of marrying my love was all that mattered of course!)”

Favourite Marks Hall wedding suppliers

“Marianne was such a fun photographer! She totally understood what kind of photos we wanted (the classic shots, but lots of candid ones of people caught in the moment too). She was great at getting the right people in the right places, and made the experience of having our photos taken more enjoyable than we thought it could have been! Our caterers, Anuj Caterers, were also fantastic. The manager ensured that everything ran smoothly and we didn’t have to worry about any of the food and drink on the day. It freed us up to just enjoy ourselves (and eat and drink loads!)”