Matt + Sarah- A wedding at the Brooklands Museum, Surrey!

couple on routemaster london bus The Eamers married on a rainy day in November at the Brooklands Museum in Surrey. The wedding had a blue theme which fit nicely into the quirky colours and styling of the venue. There were lots of personal touches, the dress belonged to Sarah's mum, there were lego placeholders, DIY'd London buses, a Jenga guest book and even a cookie bake off complete with a batman cookie! And of course, there was lots of beautiful laughter and emotion to complete the wedding! There were too many photos to choose from but I know Sarah is looking to get their wedding featured on a wedding blog so I know more will be cropping up elsewhere! brooklands museum wedding-1 brooklands museum wedding-4 brooklands museum wedding-6 brooklands museum wedding-12 brooklands museum wedding-26 brooklands museum wedding-20 brooklands museum wedding-54 brooklands museum wedding-69brooklands museum wedding-73brooklands museum wedding-78 brooklands museum wedding-79 brooklands museum wedding-83brooklands museum wedding-92brooklands museum wedding-108brooklands museum wedding-112brooklands museum wedding-120 brooklands museum wedding-138 brooklands museum wedding-139brooklands museum wedding-1-4brooklands museum wedding-209 brooklands museum wedding-222 brooklands museum wedding-230 brooklands museum wedding-231london city tiebrooklands museum wedding-323 brooklands museum wedding-259 brooklands museum wedding-280 brooklands museum wedding-361brooklands museum wedding-515 brooklands museum wedding-435brooklands museum wedding-418  


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