MCP Diary- A few weeks of weddings at Smeetham Hall Barn, Camden Registry Office, Latimer House and Birtsmorton Court

I’m aware that I’ve already fallen behind on my little diary blogs over the last few weeks, which was wholly due to that pesky PhD hand in, which is all done now, yay! Here’s all 351 pages in their glorious glory!

fun wedding photographer diary_0051


A week after Matt and Amie’s Rhinefield House wedding which I already did a diary post for, I went to Smeetham Hall Barn in Suffolk to shoot for Chris and Aimi (yes it was terribly confusing to have two similarly named brides! Spellcheck please!). The hotel where Aimi was having her bridal prep done was in a nice wee area that had some quaint houses and oddly enough the Trotter van

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I also got to try some pink lemonade at their wedding which was actually the first time I’ve ever drank through a paper straw. Weird fact of the day.

fun wedding photographer diary_0070


On my way home I had a fellow train commuter josh with me as to whether I had an AK-47… it was just my light stand bag…

fun wedding photographer diary_0069


I haven’t actually worn it yet for a wedding shoot but I did manage to land this ace Mango Suit dress bargain from my local Cancer Research charity shop. I’ve always liked shopping in charity shops, you can fill your wardrobe with less guilt!

fun wedding photographer diary_0068


The next shoot I had wasn’t a wedding, it was for Secret Cinema’s production of Wes Anderson’ Grand Budapest Hotel and it was very cool and fun. If you haven’t been to Secret Cinema before you really have to try it, I’ve been to three now, one I attended for free as I won their photography competition from the previous production, so that was pretty nice. It’s not the cheapest entertainment in town but definitely worth it.

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A few weekends ago I shot Mark and Claire’s wedding which started at the Pullman Hotel. This hotel is crazy amazing, it was my second time shooting a bridal prep there (as it’s so close to Camden Registry Office) and it’s lobby is just damn cool

fun wedding photographer diary_0059 fun wedding photographer diary_0061 fun wedding photographer diary_0060


I also shot a rainbow themed wedding in Andover which you can check out here, but sadly I didn’t take any snaps of my journey or behind the scenes as I just forgot that day! I’ve set myself a mission for this year to start building up a portfolio of film wedding photography in the hopes that I can launch a whole new company in a year or so. simon and Petra’s wedding in Hampshire was the first wedding where I really went along with that intention, the film has been sent to the developers so we’ll see what comes out of it in a few weeks!!

Because of this new venture, I put a word out amongst the wonderful and supportive wedding photographer community to ask whether I could exchange assisting for permission to shoot film at my fellows’ wedding bookings. The lovely Kari Bellamy was the first of several to volunteer a weekday wedding, so I packed up my film and gandered off to Birtsmorton Court, which was to be honest one of the most breathtaking venues I’ve gone to! It has a moat and these mazeish tall hedges which I fell in love with!

fun wedding photographer diary_0062 fun wedding photographer diary_0056fun wedding photographer diary_0055


After shooting at this lovely venue, both Kari and I headed to Oxford to find out the photography allowance for the Bodleian Library as we’re both shooting there for two separate clients later this year. This library is another stunning wedding venue, I can’t wait for August!

fun wedding photographer diary_0054 fun wedding photographer diary_0053

This finally brings me back up to date with tomorrow, where I’ll be heading off to Clissold House, shooting mostly digital but as the couple are very designery and into photography, they wanted some film work so my regular second shooter is coming along armed with all this analogue stuff whilst I will be shooting with the Hasselblad at set points!

fun wedding photographer diary_0052


That’s all for now! Chances are I’ll probably wait a few weeks and accumulate a few behind the scenes shots before I do another diary post, but you’ve got two exciting styled shoots and several weddings to look forward to!