MCP Diary- A pastel wedding at Clissold House, a modern quirky wedding at Tab Venue, corporate photography and a rustic styled shoot!

In the last few weeks I’ve shot a couple of weddings and experienced two new types of photography! I started with an absolutely gorgeous wedding at Clissold House which only had 19 guests. The smallest wedding I’ve shot to date is one with 6 guests- small weddings can be a really nice experience for us wedding photographers because it means all the usual pressures of needing to catch family members X Y and Z go out the window and it allows us to explore more creative shots. Clissold House is a lovely wedding venue with pastel walls, it was so lovely and light to shoot in and as we were finished by 5pm I got to stroll through Clissold Park with my Nobbly Bobbly! I also had a really unique wedding dinner supplied by a London deli called Ottolenghi, it was pretty exotic and healthy, definitely stuff I’ve never tried before and so visually beautiful!IMG_20140426_140915 IMG_20140426_172513


My friend Laura De Bourde and I started planning our first styled shoot. We opted for a rustic theme but to give it a twist we used pale blues and yellows which are a less common colour combo in rustic themes. We met with Carrie from Re-Loved Styling to chat over our initial plans. Whilst I was in town I bought some much needed Wolford tights, which were recommended to me as seriously-pricey-but-worth-it-tights. There’s nothing more annoying than shooting mid ceremony and feelings like your tights are falling down! Or razzing up to a wedding and finding holes in your tights you bought yesterday! I’d had enough so I invested in these (£30 a pair at Libertys) and so far they’ve been amazing to both wear and wash! IMG_20140501_180953

Laura also found a floral crown which we were mucking around with, in the end our florist Flora Hall made the crown out of gysophila, but we had a good laugh in Topshop for a bit!


In between planning the styled shoot and the actual shoot date, I second shot a wedding for the brilliant Miki Photography who has long inspired me with his creative use of light and shadow. We shot at the Bhaktivedanta Manor and then at the Adam & Eve pub in Mill Hill, which was ace because both of those venues are no more than 20 minutes drive away from me! I haven’t blogged the shots yet as it’s customary to let some time pass before blogging your second shooter shots, but it’ll be up at some point in the next few months! I do love Indian food!


In the first weekend of May I shot a fabby wedding at the Tab Venue in East London. It was so much fun, both of them looked gorgeous and the wedding party were really happy and full of laughter which to me just makes a great wedding! I feel quite lucky that most of my couples are happy souls, I suppose it’s what I look for in a photo and that in turn attracts happy, laughy people! IMG_20140503_173515

I also tested out my new gorillapod which I was given to review, it’s pretty cool, I needed one anyway for impending destination weddings as a plane friendly alternative to a lightstand, so that worked out well!IMG_20140503_180737

On a kind of note that’s maybe boring to everyone else bar me, I also got my new mailing labels from Moo, who I use for all my business cards and stickers and whatnot.IMG_20140504_110336

In the week leading up to the styled shoot, my boyfriend and I were wandering around the location and it turned into a 2 hour stroll through North London suburban countryside that resulted in us finding a beautiful spot for photos. We ended up using that spot for the last shot in our styled shoot, so it was a fruitful walk!IMG_20140504_173645

I can’t share much from the styled shoot itself as we’re in the process of getting it featured on a wedding blog, but here’s the incredible bow ties we used and a snap of the cake table. As you can see I’ve discovered the joys of VSCO Cam which is a much better editing program for you daily snaps than Instagram (where the editing has always been a bit dodge). It takes more effort to upload and sort from VSCO cam, but it’s worth it I think! So from now on most of the shots in my diary posts will probably be from there!

IMG_20140509_115433 IMG_20140511_172248

I know this isn’t really wedding photography related but a lot of people do comment on my hair and then are surprised when I tell them where I get it cut so I may as well share- A couple of days ago I got my haircut for free at the Vidal Sassoon Academy on Brook Street. I usually go there and get it cut for a fiver when I was a student, it’s £12 if you’re a non student but I have a loyalty card so it was a free cut and colour. They are really ace- the hairdressers aren’t trainees, they’re qualified hairdressers, usually from around the world, who come to London to learn advanced hairdressing techniques. Basically the upside is your get a good quality cut for cheap, the downside is that you have to be open to something a bit different from the usual layers. I see that as a plus and to be honest they really do listen to your wishes, I always ask them for crazy colour dyes, most people don’t necessarily have crazy hair dying, you can opt for a cut only. Oh yeah the other downside is sitting in the chair for half a day, you can only kind of do it on a day off or if you’re self-employed/a student.


Also these came in the post from Airsoft World. One of my couples at the beginning of June are looking to get creative so we’re pulling out all the stops and doing sparkler shots and smoke grenade shots. It’s going to be epicccc.


So that’s what I’ve been up to recently! Over the next few weeks I have a cricket wedding, a funky hand fasting, a bar mitzvah, lots of film shooting and lots of second shooting to look forward to!