MCP Diary- Some cool photos from before a Rhinefield House wedding in Hampshire!

This is a bit of an unusual blog post, I don’t normally share phone quality pics here unless I’m doing a quick review of photography gear, but I had so much fun location scouting at Rhinefield House I thought I’d just share some fun pics I took on my phone. They’re all from my instagram, so if you enjoy getting a more personal and informal look into what I do at work then feel free to follow me on Instagram. I might also start to make this a regular thing, kind of an informal behind the scenes look into me and the business, so you can get to know me not only as a wedding photographer but as a person! If you want to see the actual wedding click here!

This couple wanted something a little different at their wedding, the bride’s brother liked Lomography cameras and she’d seen that I used to write and take photos for the Lomography magazine. I’ve actually always wanted to bring in a fun Lomo package option, where couples can choose from a wide range of lomo cameras to add a little something extra to their day! I’m hoping I’ll be able to use the shots from tomorrow’s wedding to launch a whole new package add on and show the versatility you can get!

Lomography lomo film wedding

I’m a proper London girl, so I was really confused when I pulled up to park at the B&B and there’s a couple of ponies wandering around easy as you like! Apparently the New Forest is famous for it’s ponies, it’s a shame there’s none at Rhinefield House! Apparently there’s deer but I didn’t see any on my scout

New Forest pony

When I got to Rhinefield House, it was amazing! The couple have booked exclusive use of the hotel so they’re using quite a few rooms. The dinner will happen in this lovely wood panelled room with a huge fireplace and a gorgeous chandelier!

Rhinefield House dining room

I also found there was a lot of awesome locations in the garden for couple and group shots. It’s really different from an urban city wedding in central London where you have to get creative with the local gritty architecture. There’s land for miles around here!

Rhinefield House pondIMG_20140307_154910

Anyway, I think I’d better get some rest before the wedding, I can’t wait to share the proper photos from the day!


Rhinefield House wedding photographer

The morning of the wedding we had a nice cooked breakfast in our proper B&B (Meerut)