MCP News- Say hello to my sweetie sticks!

You know that moment when you're a teenager and you're leaving the house, and your mum stops you and says "why are you wearing that, it looks weird", and inside you take that as confirmation that you must look just right? That's exactly what happened today when getting my dear ma's opinion on my new packaging for clients! Sooo... I'd officially like to unveil my weird/just right for me new USB package! custom, USB, cute, vintage, Etsy, packaging, ideas, I will be loading client's images onto these wooden USB sticks and wrapping them up in my personalised cotton fabric like sweeties, tied with bits of knitting wool. Each one will come customised with hand stamped tags from newspapers from the date of your wedding, and also a tag with your names handwritten on them! Simple, eco-friendly and weird... let me know what you think!  

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