Meet yo’ wedding supplier: An interview with Skinny Boy Weddings

Today I'd like to introduce to you Skinny Boy Weddings, a wedding videography company from Kent! They're a fairly new company but well worth their salt, as their skinniest boyest member Steve has worked with the big guns in the film and TV industry.  They're also pretty unique in offering super 8 vintage style wedding videography, which I know will appeal to many of you out there! If you're looking for a professional videographer, this is a great chance for you to snap them up at their early prices starting from £750 before they get super big on the wedding scene!

Hey there, please introduce yourselves and state what you do!

We’re Steve, Kate and Lauren at Skinny Boy Weddings and we produce films

How did you guys meet?

A simple story of boy meets girl… boy likes girl…ten years later, girl likes boy…eight years later girl’s brother meets lovely American girl and Skinny Boy is born!

What’s the story behind the name?

Yep, not quite your traditional wedding company name ;) There are a couple of reasons behind the name Skinny Boy Weddings.  Firstly and quite simply, Steve is not exactly a large man! And secondly, Steve has in the past worked with British Director Mike Leigh whose production company is called ‘Thin Man Films’.  Steve loves the name, so thought he could pay homage to Mike by calling his company Skinny Boy!

How would you want others to describe your work?

Hopefully creative, emotive and fun.

What would be your dream wedding to video?

At the moment, a ‘Game of Thrones’ themed wedding would be awesome and if it were in an exotic destination then we definitely wouldn’t complain!

Is there anything you think you’ve learnt so far from being on the job?

That our discreet and unobtrusive shooting style is something that couples value and something we’re keen to provide.

If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing instead?

Our second love, renovating unloved houses. 

Have you got anything exciting coming up to share?

We’ve got an exciting year ahead, one of my best friends is getting married in September and Steve will be filming.  I will no doubt be itching to grab my 5D, but as I’m bridesmaid I fear I might get a telling off!  Also, my little brother and our Skinny Gal Lauren are getting married in the States at the end of the year so we will be heading off on an exciting road trip.  As for our other weddings… Honestly?  We love them all!

Where do you imagine Skinny Boy Weddings will be in 5 years time?

A few destination weddings would be brilliant!

Would you rather fly to the moon or dive to the deepest depths of the sea and why?

Great question, but we have debated this one at length and have failed to agree on an answer so I think we’ll all be traveling separately!

Here's another sample of their work, if you are looking for a wedding videographer say hello to them here:

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