My first trip to Japan with the X-T30

As you can tell from my sushi named photography packages I've been a Japanophile for a really long time, so I was mad stoked to head out there for a part Fujifilm-Yokohama-seminar and part holiday. The UK Fujifilm team kindly let me take my beloved X-T30 prototype that I'd been testing with me so everything here has been shot with that. Japan was everything I'd hoped, everyone is super lovely and polite, I basically ate sushi and ramen everyday with occasional breaks for other Japanese local dishes. If you get the chance to travel there 500% GO!

In Yokohama I talked to the photographers about style anchors and how mine condensed down to shapes and colours. Repetition, lines, circles and frames. Bold mixed colours, especially primary. So here's some of my Japan travels through Marianne eyeballs.

Thank you to Michi Photography for helping me so much out there and letting me some on her shoot!


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