Nice words from clients!

Haha, received this rather unrestrained email the other day from a client in response to receiving their wedding photos!

"Oh my God, Marianne. The photos. I am speechless. They are incredible. It's such a credit to you that you managed to make two of the most un-photogenic human specimens on this planet look not just photographable but actually pretty damn FLY is a feat not short of miraculous. The pictures are just so, so beautiful. You made us feel so relaxed and it was just an absolute pleasure to be shot by you. We always said we'd never be the kind of people who have their wedding photos blown up on a big canvas but, having seen [our photos], I'm afraid we may have to just become everything we hate....I've also discovered several new facial expressions I didn't know I possessed, which is pretty impressive! ; ) You are super talented and just plain smashing. Thank you times infinity. You're a f**king legend."

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