Ollie and Jade’s pastel super fun wedding on a boat in the Wroxham Broads!

Jade and Ollie are a really cute couple who had a wicked boat party wedding with lots of pastel DIY details that they'd put loads of effort into! They started their wedding day at St Andrews Church in Holt. Jade wore a vintage style A line tea dress, whilst the bridesmaids wore a matching shape in red. Ollie had a cool blue suit-yellow tie combo. Ollie was the most emotional groom I've ever photographed, he looked at Jade with such adoration and love, it was so beautiful to be a part of!

fun_boat_wedding_0001 fun_boat_wedding_0002 fun_boat_wedding_0003 fun_boat_wedding_0004 fun_boat_wedding_0005 fun_boat_wedding_0006 fun_boat_wedding_0007 fun_boat_wedding_0008 fun_boat_wedding_0009 fun_boat_wedding_0010

Following their church ceremony they went to The Bridge Inn for their reception dinner and speeches. Check out all these amazing pastel and floral decorations! The speeches were really emotional and after dinner we went and took some photos by the river with all the swans!

fun_boat_wedding_0011 fun_boat_wedding_0012 fun_boat_wedding_0013 fun_boat_wedding_0014 fun_boat_wedding_0015 fun_boat_wedding_0016 fun_boat_wedding_0017 fun_boat_wedding_0018 fun_boat_wedding_0019 fun_boat_wedding_0020

After the dinner, we all went to a Vintage Broadsman to have a boat party on the Wroxham Broads. There was a doggy in a pram, Cath Kidston forks and spoons, a four tier mixed cake, lots of yummy peach iced tea and tons and tons of cake!

fun_boat_wedding_0021 fun_boat_wedding_0022 fun_boat_wedding_0023 fun_boat_wedding_0024  fun_boat_wedding_0026

We passed a lot of other boats on the way and let's just say we did a lot of my boat-your boat waving and cheering all along the broads! Soon after launch the ska band cracked on and the dancing started...



"I got my swim trunks, and my flippy floppies"




Under the top deck, there was a cheese and cake course, nom nom nom!


The bouquet toss was as hilarious and dangerous as it gets when lots of people jump in a narrow space!

fun_boat_wedding_0033 fun_boat_wedding_0034 fun_boat_wedding_0036

As the sunset they had a top deck first dance, a full boat congo line and several people had a go at driving the boat!!


As in all it was so much fun to shoot and be a part of, thank you Jade and Ollie for having me!


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