Photography is dead easy…

I didn't write this, so credit goes to Richard Purvis who copied it off someone else, but its a great photographer's response to how people think photography is super easy and all we do is just pick up a camera and click a button! A LOL for fellow photographers this time! 1. Out of every 10 shots I take, 11 are keepers. 2. All images I capture are edited to perfection at the time of exposure. 3. I never have to focus. Models run back and forth in front of my camera and stop when they're perfectly sharp. 4. All my cameras possess force fields to repel rain, snow, hail and other harsh elements. 5. I never flip my camera to portrait position, the Earth rotates for me. 6. Frequently referred to as 'The High Dynamic Ranger', all images I capture display perfect contrast, hue and saturation. 7. The right focal length lens for the subject is always on my camera. 8. I never have to use flash. The sun, the moon and the stars all move to the perfect lighting angle for every shot. 9. Slow shutterspeeds are not a problem as all subjects freeze in my presense. 10. The wind blowing around me will toss the models hair perfectly, while never disturbing my lightstands. 11. I never have to adjust my white balance. The world shifts it's color to suit my taste. 12. I have no need for light meters. Each scene will adjust its brightness to provide me with correct exposure on every shot. Annnnd of course a meme to accompany the topic...

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