Second shooting a wedding at the Bhaktivedanta Manor

A while ago I had the lovely opportunity to second shoot for London wedding photographer Miki Photography at the Bhaktivedanta Manor. I'd shot here once before for Devan and Deepa, so it was nice to come back again and shoot inside the temple this time! The couples shots below were set up by Mick and he asked me to shoot from a different angle, which was interesting for someone like myself who doesn't normally do a lot of posed work, usually my emphasis is much more on the natural candid reportage, so I definitely felt I learnt a lot even in that short window of the day!

Bhaktivedanta Manor wedding photographer-1 Bhaktivedanta Manor wedding photographer-2 Bhaktivedanta Manor wedding photographer-4 Bhaktivedanta Manor wedding photographer-3 Bhaktivedanta Manor wedding photographer-5Bhaktivedanta Manor wedding photographer-6Bhaktivedanta Manor wedding photographer-7Bhaktivedanta Manor wedding photographer-8Bhaktivedanta Manor wedding photographer-9Bhaktivedanta Manor wedding photographer-10Bhaktivedanta Manor wedding photographer-11Bhaktivedanta Manor wedding photographer-12Bhaktivedanta Manor wedding photographer-13Bhaktivedanta Manor wedding photographer-14Bhaktivedanta Manor wedding photographer-15Bhaktivedanta Manor wedding photographer-16 Bhaktivedanta Manor wedding photographer-20 Bhaktivedanta Manor wedding photographer-19 Bhaktivedanta Manor wedding photographer-18 Bhaktivedanta Manor wedding photographer-17Bhaktivedanta Manor wedding photographer-21Bhaktivedanta Manor wedding photographer-22

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