Sikh-French Wedding at Heatherden Hall, Pinewood Studios

Baljit and Nathalie had a vibrant and energetic multicultural Sikh-French wedding at Heatherden Hall, Pinewood Studios. They had a pink and James Bond theme for the day, the day was full of fun and laughter! I loved shooting weddings that celebrate a mix of cultures, it's so visually brilliant! Pinewoodstudioswedding_0001 Pinewoodstudioswedding_0002 Pinewoodstudioswedding_0003 Pinewoodstudioswedding_0004 Pinewoodstudioswedding_0005 Pinewoodstudioswedding_0006 Pinewoodstudioswedding_0007 Pinewoodstudioswedding_0008 Pinewoodstudioswedding_0009 Pinewoodstudioswedding_0010 Pinewoodstudioswedding_0011 Pinewoodstudioswedding_0012 Pinewoodstudioswedding_0013 Pinewoodstudioswedding_0014 Pinewoodstudioswedding_0015 Pinewoodstudioswedding_0016 Pinewoodstudioswedding_0017 Pinewoodstudioswedding_0018 Pinewoodstudioswedding_0019 Pinewoodstudioswedding_0020 Pinewoodstudioswedding_0021 Pinewoodstudioswedding_0022 Pinewoodstudioswedding_0023 Pinewoodstudioswedding_0024

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