Sneak preview of James + Sam’s Lympne Castle wedding!

emotional wedding guest James and Sam got married on a Monday in Lympne Castle in Kent. The couple were stunning, the location was epic and the guests were emotional. Need I say more? dove nestdress hanging from a tree and dove nest James Sam-13 groom trying to tie bowtie yellow toy plane on floor groom prep getting son ready groom buttoning up shirt groom putting shirt on father of the groom having bowtie tied mother of the groom having flower adjusted smiling bride groom talking to best man couple getting married groom flexing arm vintage rose table plan family photo couple shot couple rubbing noses Lympne Castle Couple portrait couple hugging Emotional bride and bridesmaid crying guest emotional wedding guesttiara on rocks   I second shot for Hannah Walmsley of White Feather Photography, thank you for giving me permission to share some of my shots! (And for the late night Maccy D's!)


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